Jury Rigged Advent Calendar

A not-great photo from my not-great camera. It gets the job done, and it's right where the stairs are so I can't go up to bed without remembering to fill it. And the kids are quite impressed. Every day gets a chocolate and a cartoon or a suggestion for a Christmas activity or a little Christmas thing. Today they got pencils with toy soldier toppers and wrote their Christmas lists with them.

I've read a couple of posts by people who are having trouble catching the spirit of the season. That's often me, but I'm feeling pretty good at the moment. I'm boxing up Christmas presents to ship to Edmonton, London and Thunder Bay, and it's only December sixth! Do you know what this means? This means we could possibly not have to pay the 'equivalent to your firstborn child AND your favourite limb and we MIGHT be able to get it there for Christmas' fee at the post office! I went to the library on Saturday (after my husband tried to vacuum my dress off me, but that's another story) and since I was already out I thought maybe I'll go to Chapters and get those last few Christmas gifts and then I thought what are you insane, it's Saturday and it's December, it'll be like those pilgrimages where people show their religious devotion by stomping other people to death, and THEN I thought, but those retail people, they KNOW it's a Saturday in December so chances are they'll have cheery teen-agers stacked up four deep just dying to aid and comfort me.

And they did.

It was a thing of beauty and joy. I searched and hunted and gathered. I perused and mused. I was selective and suggestive (not really, I just couldn't think of another good word). And when I walked out of there I was SO done. Partly because I just love buying people books and partly because I just decided that whoever I wasn't done was just shit out of luck.

Kidding. Mostly.


Nicole said…
I've now read about a few people doing those kind of advent calendars and I kind of feel lame that my kids are eating crap candy out of the ones my MIL sent. But it's too late to do anything about it! Maybe I will do this for next year. I love the idea of treats but also Xmas ideas. So...you've inspired me! But I generally suck at stuff like this so it may end up in a nervous breakdown. No. No. Positive thoughts.

Your husband tried to vacuum your dress off of you? Is that a euphemism?
Anonymous said…
Look at that advent calendar! It's a thing of beauty, man. I'm so impressed.

And this reminds me, I need to order my last few gifts online. Because I don't want to pay super-shipping, either. And ESPECIALLY not when I live within a 45 minute drive of everyone on my list.
Julie said…
awesome calendar. i've been in the spirit very early this yar too. even with the lack of snow. where did you get those christmassy clips? i'm looking for something for my chritsmas cards.
Ms. G said…
The calendar is great! I'm impressed too because even back when I was organized I was never that organized.
I'm in the Christmas spirit but not the Christmas bustle. I haven't bought gift one. Not even wrapping paper and I spent the entire weekend laying on the couch with my kids watching Harry Potter and old black and white movies.
Dang, your advent calendar is totally impressive. Every year I mean to make an advent calendar and then I forget all about it until November 30 which is kind of late in the game.

Your husband vacuums? Where do I get one of those?
Patti Murphy said…
Way to raise the bar on Christmas. I bought pre-fab advent calendars by that company that thinks putting plastic toys inside chocolate eggs is a good idea.
Sandra said…
Books! Great idea! Except none of my "people" are readers.
And no, I am not HORRIBLE! I'm still laughing at your reaction!
My son will develop character...or neurotic tendencies...big deal...
Now come over here and help me get some damn Christmas spirit, I get cranky at the sound of Christmas carols.
Anonymous said…
advent calendar awesomeness! we just move a little santa from pocket to pocket. advent calendar fail.
Wrath Of Mom said…
I like the hats. Very cute.

My Christmas cards/newsletters are almost DONE! And my shopping? Erm. I thought I was done, but then husband mentioned he bought me something (when he wasn't suppose) so now I've got to think of a gift for him -- no small feat when you live in a very small town.
Pamela said…
Love the calendar - very creative! I'm so happy I'm almost done my shopping too - I can't stand the crowds either this time of the year.
Betsy B. Honest said…
Awesome. I love advent calendars. I bought fantastic ones by Playmobil which are just the best ever. But for the baby, I've just been putting toys we already own in a box. Works for her.
Fame Throwa said…
Man, when did Christmas get so *complicated*? I mean, when I was growing up, it was complicated enough with the gifts on the 25th and the paper advent calendars, but now it seems that our generation has super-sized Christmas and now the gift-giving is *all month long*.

Not that I'm knocking your fab advent calendar. It just reconfirms why I'm not having children. I so don't have the energy to do something like that.

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