Dreams, teeth, and Bert the Tree

Eve's been having nightmares and coming into bed with me at five a.m.-ish the past few nights. Yesterday I couldn't fall back asleep, partly because she was snoring in my ear and partly because something was really bugging me. The fact that I haven't started my Christmas cards yet? Nope. The fact that I have to write an exam on Sunday for which I've barely studied and it will be following two days and nights of partying with some of my high school friends? Uh-uh. That I haven't bought Angus's video game that he wants for Christmas and forgot to double check the name of it before he sealed his letter to Santa? Nah. It was that I couldn't remember what we had for dinner on Saturday night. It was driving me bonkers. I knew we had ribs on Friday and chicken on Sunday, so I was thinking it was probably meatless, but I couldn't see myself making it when I tried to picture it, or putting stuff on plates and handing it to the kids, and we definitely hadn't gone out, and I felt like I was going insane. For two hours. And then I got up.

Eve and Matt have been watching the Lord of the Rings movies together, which has been nice for him because their movie taste doesn't generally overlap a lot. They were watching the second movie and she told him that she had to stop watching because she was afraid she was going to have a nightmare again. He said "why, what did you have a nightmare about last night?" "Dinosaurs." ....... 

Angus did something that totally reminded me of how he was when he was four or five. Last night he was in the basement and he came running upstairs and said "I lost a tooth! I bit some saltwater taffy and it came out!" He grabbed a kleenex and shoved it in his mouth and I said "well where's the tooth?" and he said "Downstairs, in the saltwater taffy!

Eve asks for this song every time I put on Christmas music while we're baking. Has there ever been anything better than Sesame Street on TV? I am happy. (and it was homemade pizza and Matt and Eve made it, which was why I couldn't remember me doing it. Ahhhhh.)


Nicole said…
I have resorted to writing down weekly menus in my little calendar. It's actually called a "Mom Calendar" just to be extra-cool, I guess. Anyway, I write down what we are going to eat or I have an existential crisis around dinner time. Not that I make anything complicated, ever. But I just can't make decisions when I'm hungry. Anyway, the next time you are awake for two hours wondering what you made, you could just check your uber-cool Mom calendar. It's designed by the woman who wrote The Belly Button Book, and has pictures of hippos. Wow is this the longest, most boring comment ever? I think it might be.
Julie said…
i'm so happy to hear you are happy.

sesame street christmas rocks.

nightmares don't.

i hate not remembering shit like that.

yeah happy!
Anonymous said…
I had a similar experience over a Christmas gift for Jacob. I knew that I got two for Hannah, and I knew that I got two for Jacob, but for the life of me I couldn't remember what it was. I ruined my zen during a perfectly good yoga class racking my brain.

Eventually, I remembered that Jon bought Jacob's other gift, a little mini hockey set that they could play together.

See what happens when our husbands DO something? All hell breaks loose!
Mary Lynn said…
My best friend and I always get together for coffee at work on Monday mornings, and more often than not when one of us asks the other, "So what did you do this weekend?" the other one has to sit and think, and think, and think a bit more before we can actually remember what the hell it was that we did. Sometimes I answer, "Nothing much at all." Then I get back to my desk and remember that I actually did do something fun, like go out to dinner or visit friends. How could I just forget that?

Happy is good. :-)
Ms. G said…
I do that all the time. I'll go look for leftovers for lunch and stand in front of the fridge trying to remember what I made the night before!
Happy Happiness: )
Betsy B. Honest said…
Clearly your brain works better than mine because not being able to remember what we had for dinner two nights ago would not be at all remarkable for me.
Pamela said…
Sometimes I can't remember whether or not I've washed my face in the morning. So I wash it again, just in case. Then I complain that my skin is so dry! Also thank you for bringing back some great memories of the Sesame Street Christmas. My little brother & I had the album & used to listen to it over & over again.
I'm glad I'm not the only one that can't remember what I did two days before. Although, I usually don't worry about what I made for dinner - I'm usually trying to remember what activity we did that day.

Glad to hear you're happy. Hope that's still true since I'm very tardy in my blog reading this week.

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