Day 17: Various Assorted...Things

Well, I've left this too long and I've read some other posts and now I have performance anxiety and stage fright and blog envy and maybe postpartum depression.

I already did the comments thing. How about the recent pictures in my camera roll?

After a bout of unseasonably warm weather, which was beautiful and welcome and also kind of eerie, we got snow this week.

This prompted the first appearance this year of that snow meme. You know the one: If you persist in hating the snow, you will have less joy in your life but the same amount of snow.

This post gives my response to that meme. I feel mostly the same this year. I half wanted to say "what about poverty, or cancer? Should we find joy in those too, because if not we'll still have the same amount of cancer or poverty or murder hornets in our lives, but less joy?" But I'm generally trying to be less of an asshole, not more, so I did not.

The snow came the day after I took my mom for blood work, and got my flu shot, and took Lucy to the vet, and I didn't have to go out, so I felt lucky and cozy. My mom emailed that we were lucky that we went to the lab the day before. I said maybe if we'd gone on the snowy day there would have been fewer people, but also it would have sucked, especially since I had Lucy through no fault of my own.

I took Lucy to my parents' place before heading to work today, and then panicked every five minutes on my drive that I had forgotten to drop her off again. This made Mary Had a Little Lamb run through my head for a few minutes (brought the lamb to school one day school one day school one day).

Matt's colleague recently had a baby, so I got to do one of my favourite things: Assemble a basket of fun baby gifts, with almost no pressure because we are almost nobody to her so there is no reasonable expectation of the gifts being perfectly suited. Plus she had the baby earlier than expected so I know it's a girl, and before there were baby girls in my life I was all about the unisex colours, and then once there were baby girls in my life I was like, ooh, PINK. 

The mom is from Saudi Arabia, so this was the Canadian content:

We're going to my friend's cottage Saturday overnight so I made chicken stock so I can make soup. Chicken stock and then a small pot of vegetable stock so I can make a tiny soup for my vegan friend.

Here is what Eve sent me from biology:

And here is my favourite Facebook memory that popped up today:


Nicole said…
Baby gifts! So cute. Love the maple syrup one.
I don't mind the snow - luckily, because it lasts forever - but the first few days when driving is a nightmare, ugh. It's so gross. Luckily I don't ever really have far to go but I did go for groceries in a blizzard and almost got stuck on a hill.
Ernie said…
Laughing at performance anxiety and stage fright and maybe postpartum depression. Also love the crossed out 'to no fault of my own.' Shopping for baby stuff is so fun. Oh how I rejoiced when pink things became part of the wardrobe pieces for my offspring. I didn't really care before pink showed up, but once it did I was like YES. Enjoy the weekend at a cottage.
StephLove said…
You totally have to start calling her Mitochondrial Eve.
Suzanne said…
Raise em right or raise em neurotic - love it! My poor child has no chance to avoid the neuroticism, not with me as her mom; my husband is trying his best to be a counterweight, but he can only do so much. I also loved the postpartum depression crack.

And FINALLY we have a divergence!!!!! We are not the same person! Because I unabashedly LOVE the snow. If the sun were to shine in the winter, I would be pleased with winter all year round (as long as I could, and DID, vacation to warmer spots occasionally).

(Perhaps there are other divergences, but they are lost to the depths of my sleep-deprived brain.)
Pat Birnie said…
I am quite enjoying all your daily blogs. No need for performance anxiety!

Love the baby basket - and yes, I'm sorry but it's more fun to shop for little girls than boys -- I am learning to love boy stuff though. Good thing as I have 1 daughter & 3 sonss, and 2 granddaughters and 7 grandsons!
Busy Bee Suz said…
Sweet baby gifts!! New life; I just love the thought of that.
I had a good giggle at Eve and her not littering! Your kids are the best.

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