From Before: Eve Engages in Espionage


Ernie said…
OMG - this is hilarious! they remind me of the girls in that movie 'Book Smart'. Too funny. Reuse, recycle. That took me a minute, but it is late here.

I had a friend in college who was not happy that she was set up with this guy for a dance, so she pretended she had to go to the bathroom (they were having a few cocktails before the dance in our dorm) and she came and hid in our room. The other dates came and asked us if she was in our room and we played dumb - easy enough. It was slightly mean, I guess. But she could not stand the guy. We laughed our butts off. Oh to be young. That is as close as I get to being sneaky back in the dating arena. Go Eve!
Oh Eve, this is so funny!
Swistle said…
I had not realized my soul needed this.
Busy Bee Suz said…
I love her! This is so cute and they are sweet/funny girls. "Eve of destruction"! Did you think of that while pregnant?
StephLove said…
Good to know she's still having fun.
Dimitra said…
I’m dead! These are such “proud mom” moments I get to share with you! Xoxoxo

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