May I Have a Re-entry Permit?

A lot of things suck about being really sick and out of it for a few days. I staggered around with laundry a few times, because baseball, and Matt needed underwear to take to France, so the piles aren't as bad as they would normally be, but the back yard was supposed to be dug up and planted by now and instead it looks like Day of the Triffids meets The Lost World back there. Eve was left pretty much on her own with her giant project on Mesopotamia, although I did manage to slowly and laboriously reload a tape runner for her. The hanging baskets almost died.
Photo from Flickr by Sean O'Neill

But the worst, I find, is this creepy and unshakable sense of strangeness. Like you don't quite fit into the world any more. Like you've lost the knack of syncing your actions to the people around you, and you feel like everyone's staring if you go out, which you'd really rather not, because, weirdness.

Me, looking in the mirror: Is that really what I look like? Did I look like that before? I'm sure that wasn't there before. Was my nose always that length? Why does my mouth look so weird? Am I holding it weird? What if I...GAH, NO, THAT'S WORSE!

Eve's best friend came over twice in two weeks, (Eve went over there five times in the same time period) and both times I was locked in my room throwing up. Now composing an email to her parents assuring them that I am not a) an alcoholic or b) allergic to their child.

Also, I haven't been able to read for five days.

No wonder I don't feel like myself.


Nicole said…
Aw, honey. That sucks. When you're that sick it takes a little while to get back into the groove, I find. Hope you're grooving soon. xoxoxoxo
Sarah McCormack said…
good gosh!!!! poor you.. hope you are feeling better! if you couldn't even read, you must have been really sick! xo
StephLove said…
The last two sentences explain it all. I hope you are feeling normal (or as normal as you care to feel) soon.
Julie Leclair said…
no reading?! aw sweets, that is totally not good. hope this strange virus soon leaves your body and you get back to being your fabulous self.
Pam said…
Stupid normal-sucking-stupid-gut-wrenching illness! May you be feeling so much better soon. Xoxo
Amy said…
After being sick for a couple of days and having to go back to school I used to always be terrified that everything and everyone had changed.

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