What I've Been Doing While I'm Not Blogging: Part Three

Driving downtown on a HOLIDAY MONDAY with Collette and our daughters.

Eve said "OMG, these tulips are so Amity and the white one is so Divergent"

*GASP* "And look inside, it's Dauntless!"

Looking at Parliament buildings.

And gargoyles.

Eve being freaked out by the Whispering Wall (although if I'd pointed out that her head was directly below a boob, it probably would have generated a similar expression)

Letting our daughters pose with statues of political figures...

...with increasing levels of disrespect.

Having fancy drinks in a perfectly shaded patio spot.

Eve was adamant that she didn't need help cutting her pizza. It was entertaining.

Then we had gelato and drove home along the canal. I had the dubious pleasure of hearing Jason Derulo's Talk Dirty song for the first time. I said "did he seriously just say 'your booty don't need explaining'?" Everyone assured me that he had. Collette said "I kind of feel like mine does, though - you know, something like 'I've had three kids, I can't stay away from ice cream'". Things devolved from there. 


StephLove said…
I was going to say Eve's looking older, until I got to the picture where she's putting her fingers in a statue's nose.
Nicole said…
Photos of Eve make me happy, she's such a lovely, beautiful, funny girl.
Pam said…
What Nicole said. <3 . If staues were not supposed to be played with, they should put them behind glass. Pizza should always be played with. Collette has a great way with words.
Hannah said…
These posts are making me happy. Also hungry for pizza.
Ms. G said…
Oh wow! The vocabulary! Followed by silliness! No better way to spend a day. And oh my, Eve really is growing up...statue disrespect is fun for all ages : )

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