Today is the day after Eve's ninth birthday

When I was pregnant for the second time, I waited anxiously to feel the baby start moving.
I'd done this once. I thought I knew what to expect.

Good heavens, I thought, what on earth is this?
Flutters? Please.
Kicks? Ha

It felt more like roundhouse haymakers.
Firecrackers in my belly.
Jack Dempsey going three rounds with my spine.

"Look, Baby," I said,
""Whatever it is, we can discuss it,"
"Is it the turkey sandwich? Would you prefer egg salad?"
"Are we talking a marked preference for reality television over vampire dramas?"

No answer.
Just a concerted effort to switch the positions of my liver and kidneys

My friends said "how does it feel?"
I said "it feels angry!"

I asked the doctor "is it all the pistachios?
Do you think I've made this baby........ NUTS?"

I looked at my strapping little boy and though
"Watch out, kiddo - this one's going to give you a run for your money."

The days turned, as they do
The baby inside came out, as ever they have.

The midwife said, "it's a girl!"
I said "WHAT??!!"
Then I though "SHE'S got some explaining to do.
I mean, really - what WAS all that?"

Now I look at her and think,
"If she only knew how wrong I was",
It's silly, really.

Because I should have known all along...

........that she was dancing.

Happy birthday, Crazy Baby.


Bridget said…
I love this post!!! Happy birthday to your sweet dancing girl!
Patti said…
I loved this post. What a fun and beautiful dedication to your little firecracker.
Helen Abbott said…
Beautiful post for a beautiful girl.
Kelly Miller said…
Words can't explain how much I loved this post!
Magpie said…
awesome pictures - lovely feisty girl.
Julie said…
beautiful post alli. happy happy to eve!
Wrath Of Mom said…
Great post -- the girl's got panache. And I think I know who she got it from. Her mama.
Nicole said…
Love love love. Happy birthday sweetie!
Mary Lynn said…
That is the best birthday post ever. Happy belated birthday to the awesome girl with the awesome mama.
The Host said…
Awwww! Happy birthday to your lovely dancing girl.
Shan said…
Loved this post. Happy birthday to your little cutie!
Alicia said…
Aww this is awesome! Happy Birthday to your little dancer! Maybe I have a dancer inside me right now - that would explain it!
clara said…
Wow. I've read a birthday post here & there, but this is really something special. It's a poem.

Happy belated to you and Eve and the whole crazy fam.
Gwen said…
Loved how you did this post. Made me laugh as I have a couple of dancers of my own! Happy Birthday, Eve!
Lynn said…
Oh my, such a lovely post, I actually CRIED. Happy Birthday, Eve, you ROCK.
Ms. G said…
Happy Birthday to Eve the Awesome!She's a winner mama : )
Lady Mama said…
Haha! Great post. Happy birthday to your little girl.
Anonymous said…
Oh good grief, and here I sit in tears because this was such a beautiful story. Your love for that wonderful girl shines through.

Happy birthday!
StephLove said…
That wasn't a post, it was a poem.

Happy Birthday (belated) to Eve!
Pam said…
Absolutely beautiful celebration for a beautiful girl by her beautiful mom. Lovely.
Aw. What a sweet post! I'm sorry I'm late to the ball but at least I got to see the dance.
Amber said…
So sweet. And 9!! Happy birthday to her!
I'm so late but I utterly love this post. Happy belated!

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