Knowing Me Knowing You November 2011

The Nablopomo newsletter asked if we were exhausted from three days of writing - I've actually been really enjoying the writing, I'm exhausted because yesterday I woke up with a burgeoning migraine and then threw up all afternoon and evening and part of the night and woke up this morning still queasy. So naturally I'm getting my post done before I do my assignment that's due before midnight that actually affects whether I pass my course. Priorities, people.

As usual, Shan the Fairy Blogmother comes through with Knowing Me Knowing You just when I'm really, really desperate.

1. What keeps you up late at night?

When I'm not upchucking, you mean? Books. Good books, bad books, heaping towering teetering stacks of books. If I try to read a book at three in the afternoon I fall asleep. I start reading at nine or ten and I can sail through until 2 a.m. easy. Often I start reading a book and can't go to sleep until I finish it. I think it's verging on pathological.

2. Do you collect anything?

Books. Good books, bad books, heaping.... wait, I already said that. I've been trying to achieve zero growth, meaning if a book comes in a book goes out. I use the library a lot so that we have space at home for furniture and appliances and people and moving around, but I've been trying to collect some of the books I've read and loved since realizing that I don't own a lot of them.

3. Are you addicted to Angry Birds?

Nope. I SUCK at video games. Like, lamentably, laughably, humiliatingly, my kids can't even believe how bad I am kind of suckage. Especially driving ones. It's kind of surprising my kids will get in a car with me after seeing my dismal performance at Mario Kart. Except one golden time when I was sitting on the couch with Angus and he passed me his ipod touch and I made some brilliant, idiot-savant type move on Angry Birds and hit the TNT. He suspected for a split second that I'd just been holding out on him, and then ten seconds later he realized it really was just a fluke.

4. What's your idea of a perfect evening?

Watching Doctor Who with my husband. World Trivia Night. A walk on a crisp, cold fall night. Book club. Eight o'clock reading time in my room with the kids. Not throwing up.

5. Are you looking forward to winter?

I honestly don't know. Some things, I guess. I have trouble in winter because I have really bad feet which translates to a lot of lower back pain, and when I can't just wear sandals or running shoes everywhere it affects my mobility, so that part sucks. But the kids like the snow, and I like making soup and chili and I hate the heat, so I guess so.

Shan, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.


Nicole said…
Oooh, I need to do this one.

Sorry you were barfing. Barfing is the worst. But to cheer you up, I talked about you and me and our non-existent lesbian relationship on my blog today!
Pam said…
No fun having barfy migraines. :( But somehow you still pull off great posts. We WILL get through winter, even if it involves more drinking than is generally recommended. I still respect you, even if you don't launch angry birds at pigs.
Julie said…
oh, so sorry to hear you were puky. was is the migraine or a stomach bug? heard one was going around.

hope you can enjoy and weekend consisting of no up chicking and attacking the giant teetering pile of books!
Finola said…
I get those exact same types of migraines. So sorry you had one.

Memes are awesome for NaBloPoMo. I know I did two book memes last November, one of which was that 100 books by BBC thing. I can dig thme out for you if you would like.
Lynn said…
Yay world trivia night! I am already planning the candy run :).
Still haven't seen Dr. Who. ONE DAY! It's on the list. The vague list of Things To Do Before I Die. Yup. It's on there.
Nice article, thanks for the information.
Bridget said…
Here's hoping you're feeling better now. I've been reading lots of books, too. I'm making a trip to the library Monday :)
StephLove said…
I'm all for book club and not throwing up.

I didn't mean to give the false impression that my children ate bean and spinach tacos. That was for the grownups. I think they had grated cheddar and taco shells that night, with some kind of vegetable, maybe carrot sticks.
Ms. G said…
The best thing about the cold is making chili and soup. And sweaters. I have to watch Dr. Who with my youngest because my husband isn't a big fan but she introduced it to her boyfriend because she's training him right!
Denise Nielsen said…
I am so stealing this idea:) Some of my answers may be very similar (those relating to books, for example).

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