Delirious ravings

To all my blog/facebook/twitter friends -- sincere apologies for the oversharing. Not that I'm about to stop, you understand, but I am sorry.

I'm really wondering if I should allow myself to type this, but I THINK that after roughly 54 hours of extreme bodily misery, I might be about to do something crazy like digest food. When I stand up I actually feel like my feet send roots into the floor, by sheer virtue of the room not pitching about like a ship in a storm. I would be wholly content, if not for the fear that I've doomed other members of my family to the same fate.

There are people who have cancer or other chronic illnesses who feel like this a large amount of the time. Who watch sickness and fatigue swallow up huge chunks of their lives. I know how hard it is on the kids when I'm sick, and how horrible and helpless I feel when I have to let someone else take care of them, and I can't even imagine what it must be like to have that be the new reality rather than an aberration of a few days.

I'm torn between trying to follow up two days of no food with a clean, healthy start and swearing that no excess sugar or fat will pass my lips henceforth, and seeing how much of a cow I can devour at one sitting.

I sent in a wildly substandard assignment for my course on Friday. Since I've gotten 100% on the first six (actually I think one was 95% - the shame!), I'm not going to sweat it. I'm also not doing a whole lot of 'improving my writing' or 'growing my blog', two little catch-phrases that gave me a bit of an unpleasant start when I saw them on a NaBloPoMo badge. I didn't hold out a whole lot of hope for either of those things - I was going along the lines of Just Do It.

And look - I did.


Pam said…
Well raved, my dear! May you be back to your normal self very soon, holding down any amount of cow you like. (((hugs!)))... from a distance.
Nicole said…
Hey, I wondered if you would blog today after all the, you know, misery. But you did! Good job! I would probably recommend a nice cinnamon toast, but that's just me and what would make ME feel better. If you feel like consuming a whole cow, by god, you should.
Anonymous said…
I know, after three days I felt awesome about writing and like I could do it every day! forever! how awesome would that be! I win at blogging and also have tiger blood, or something.

Then today hit and, well, you read where that ended up.

*sigh* Hoping for better things tomorrow.
Mary Lynn said…
Yeah, Just Do It is as much of a goal for NaBloPoMo as I can muster, and I don't even have any nasty bugs in my system at the moment to be my excuse.

Hope you feel much better by tomorrow.
Ms. G said…
Hope you are feeling better and were able to eat! Good for you on NaBlPoMo. I could never do it. There might even be a law against me doing it ; )
clara said…
Sending calm stomach vibes your way. JUST DO IT is one of the best mottoes of all time.

(OK I don't think I've ever typed the plural of motto and spellcheck has informed me that it looks like that up there ^ "mottoes" but that looks SO WRONG that I am just letting you know: I will let it stand, but I don't like it. Not one bit.)
Look at you, blogging through the puke. You put me to shame.
Anonymous said…
Go for the "see how much cow you can consume" option. May I suggest a McDouble from McDs?? *drool* (I'm trying to lose the baby weight...therefore all I can think about is Ronnie and his goodies)

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