It was a good plan...

So after all my high-minded words about 'spending some quality time with my kids' and 'keeping the family connected', Matt left this afternoon and I proceeded to leave the kids with my Dad and go out for dinner for my friend Janet's birthday this evening. Did I cook something wholesome and homemade for the kids before I left? I did not. I got them McDonald's. They seem distinctly untraumatized. But who knows if I've doomed some unspecified future liquor store to knocking over?

In honour of my friend Janet, who I love not IN SPITE OF but BECAUSE she pronounces words and names in a delightfully quirky manner, I will tell a story she told my husband and me ABOUT HERSELF (another reason to love her) fairly soon after we had all met:

In the story, she was going out for dinner with her boyfriend (now her husband) Dave and some of his friends who she was meeting for the first time. They went to a Thai restaurant. Janet ordered the pad thai. After the waitress went away, while they were engaging in small talk, one of Dave's friends asked Janet what she had ordered.

Janet: "uh...what's it called... oh yeah - I ordered the poon tang."

Dead silence at the table.

Janet: "What's wrong? Don't you guys LIKE poon tang?"

See? See? Lovable.


Mary Lynn said…
Oh man. You made me snort again. That's hilarious.
StephLove said…
Couple and friend time is important, too, if you are feeling disconnected. I don't think my partner and I get away with each other and not the kids nearly enough.
Nicole said…
I know a *LOT* of people who love the poon tang.
Kelly Miller said…
I do not love the poon tang. I do love the Thai, though.
Julie said…
hihihi. that's funny.

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