I'm Shameless

I know two Eve posts in a row is probably violating some unwritten Statute of Blogging about exploiting your kids for cheap laughs more than once every half dozen posts. I just don't care. I was all set to be broody and slightly self-pitying today after my week being shut-in with a sick kid and then a week-end of recovery, which was nice but didn't do much to help me rejoin the world without feeling weird and wondering if everybody was looking at me strangely. Instead, Pam dragged me (i.e. didn't throw me out after I jumped into her car) down to Westboro to wander around looking at Fair Trade Christmas ornaments and twinkly elephant-strewn wall hangings and bowls made out of colourful newsprint, and buy discounted Playmobil at Mrs. Tiggy Winkle's, and venture into Mountain Equipment Co-op trying to look much more outdoorsy and athletic then we actually are, and lose my Works virginity (I had the Beverly Hills Lawsuit - I don't think I need to eat for the rest of the week now).

Then I had to get groceries (see part about shut-in week and recovery week-end - we've been eating out of cans for the last five days). So clearly I don't have time to muster up a blog post of any substance.

When I take my laptop up to my bedroom, it has to be plugged in in a socket that's between the chair of my arm and the wall, in a very tiny space. Once Eve was in my room as I was bent over trying to contort my arm in the proper configuration to plug it in and she said "why don't you just let me do it?" So now I just call her to do it, which she loves. Yesterday she was stealing my computer to watch netflix in bed, so she had to unplug it. She got down on the floor and wormed her way into the space, with just her little monkey-and-cupcake-printed pajama-clad butt sticking out. Then I heard "Hmmmm. I think I see your problem, ma'am. The plug is STILL IN THE WALL. I'll see what I can do!" Naturally, I made the only rejoinder possible - I tickled her butt. Then I heard "It's NOT APPROPRIATE for you to tickle my butt, ma'am!"

Funny or a little creepy? You decide!


Mary Lynn said…
I'll say funny because tickling my kid's derriere sounds like exactly the sort of thing I would've done.

And..aw man, I haven't been to a Mrs. Tiggy Winkles in years.
Finola said…
Totally adorable, and something I would do too!
Pam said…
That was a much better way to spend the day. You can never have too many wall elephants. I am still full from lunch.

Eve is the best. Please keep them Eve posts coming. Love them!
Bridget said…
Too cute!! Yes, you must keep doing Eve and Angus posts. We're supposed to exploit...errr, I mean tell stories about our kids :p
Funny. It won't be too long before your tickling butt days are gone. I assume. You never know. You could be one of those embarrassing butt tickling moms.
Gwen said…
The rule in my house: If your bottom is in the air, it will either be tickled or smacked (playfully). Which is lots of fun...until my bottom ends up in the air. At which point, tickling and smacking are NOT APPROPRIATE!

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