Eve is about to steal my computer....

...so I'm going to write down some funny stuff she said today in case I don't get it back before midnight.

"Hey, I can crawl really fast! .....OKAY, that hurt."

"Sorry. I'm a little rusty. I haven't juggled for like two hours."

"Remember when Daddy and Angus were putting on cold bathing suits in a hotel room and they made up that 'cold on the weenie' song?"

"Can we put on makeup? Because I already did."


Pam said…
I want to put Eve in a bottle and open it up when I need a smile. It's a pleasure seeing her grow and I know she is going to be just as awesome as her mom, if she's lucky.
Mary Lynn said…
Eve is just so awesome. I love it when you post Eveisms.
I already know I think Eve is hilarious, but that Cold on the Weenie song sounds like the rest of the family have The Funny too.
Bridget said…
LOL, she is hysterical!!
Anonymous said…
Pam & Mary Lynn took the words right outta my mouth.

Eve rocks.
You rock.

(and I am pathetic because I
automatically tried to click a LIKE button on P & M's comments, and was disappointed that I couldn't... and realized would actaully have to, well, type something!)

Nicole said…
She's so hilarious!

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