Switched at Birth?

I've mentioned my friend Patti here before. Patti's fit and athletic and so freaking nice you can't even really hate her for it. In high school she was off biking and running and skiing and swimming while I was at band practice and choir practice and piano lessons and singing lessons.

Patti's oldest kid is taking singing lessons and singing in the Kiwanis choir. My oldest kid is a jock. Patti and I spend a lot of time laughing our asses off at this situation -- we'd be laughing at each other more if this didn't also entail laughing at ourselves. Patti can't carry a tune in a basket and I'm fit for helping Angus drag his hockey bag into the dressing room, and then it's a humiliating round of me trying to put knee pads on his elbows and crap like that until he dismisses me while hoping nobody notices that we're related.

Remember how I let my son get freak hair for hockey playoffs? Today I took him to hockey and my Dad came to watch the game. He got his second hat trick in the last four games, and the other two games he got one goal each. The team has 21 playoff goals and over a third of them are his. And I always tell people he's an awesome baseball player but hockey is just for fun. I told him if the flaming fauxhawk has the same effect on his marks he can keep it forever.

But no matter how much I try -- and I really do try -- I can't tie his skates with my warped-by-pregnancy wimpy hands, and I can't remember what the hell offside means. Hey Patti, can I take Penny to choir practice this week?


HalfCrazy said…
Hey there!

Haha, seems like it's really impossible to hate Patti!

She seems more of the sporty type. Hmm, I think it would be awesome if you got a mutual friend who excels both in sports and music. Now that is something!

I like your son's hair. Let him keep it. It's distracting to kids. Also, the darker or aggressive the shade (red or black), the meaner the look and the more intimidating it is for the kids playing in the other team.
Bridget said…
I am my Mom's "mini me" and my sister is the total opposite. Maybe she was switched at birth and I should send her back...but I've already gotten used to her ;)
Nicole said…
Congratulations on the hat trick! Of course, I had to ask my husband what that meant. Because I'm, um, not really that into sports either. I play piano. I swear we're related.
Sandra said…
I don't know what offside means either!!!! See, I knew I wasn't the only person on earth, despite what my husband thinks!
Betsy B. Honest said…
My older siblings cannot contain their glee that my children are just like me.
I have found myself actively trying to dissuade my son from learning too much about hockey. I really admire the dedication of hockey moms. I just do not have that level of dedication.

It sounds like you have a rising star on your hands. Awesome.

I know offside is bad. I think. All you need to know, right?
That's funny! I would be just like you... I didnt even understand the hockey terms you sprinkled in this post :p (but I don't do music either)
Patti Murphy said…
You're lovely too. I'm loving hanging out together while our gals do dance class.

You're absolutely right, our children's diatmetric talents provide endless entertainment for you and me.

BTW, I've never been coordinated enough to do team sports, so I'd be as lost as you are with hockey rules and equipment.

And I desperately want my children to participate in music of some sort music--vocal or instrumental. For a jock, I'm a nerd.
Suniverse said…
My girl is very into karate. Me? A non-violent, non-athletic person.

I can't even go watch, because I know I'll start screaming STOP HITTING MY BABY! And then we'd both be asked to leave.
Pam said…
Yep, funny how that works. My mini-me, as you have witnessed, has her father's musical talents. Ahhhhhh! Good thing I love 'm both for so much more. LOL!
Shan said…
Funny how that works out.
Anonymous said…
My firstborn is displaying artistic tendencies. I'm pretty sure they mixed her up with another baby when she was taken away and put in the NICU. But I'm kind of attached now, so I'm keeping her.

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