Well, here goes

I'm going to have to commence with the rusty, awkward, been-away-too-long re-entry at some point, right? So: We wore pajamas. For days and days we wore pajamas. We were suitably grateful for our gifts thusly: also thusly: We demonstrated to others the proper use of their gifts (that's Eve showing me how I should look while sitting in my new sun-shaded chair watching her or Angus play baseball) We made Eve set the giant square table because she can sit on it and is thus the only one who can reach the middle: We took brief reading breaks when and wherever we could find them: We invited beloved old people into our home and tortured them by making them wear funny hats:
There was comfort, joy, laughter, and enough wine to create some serious purple teeth (only my husband was smart enough for the end-of-evening closed-mouth smile): There. I feel so much better. Now back to my long winter's nap.


Julie said…
i don't know where you are seeing purple teeth. maybe take off those blue blocker sun glasses!

looks like a great holiday. i really should post some pics. it wasn't all terrible parenting bitching!
Gwen said…
LOL. How do the beloved old people feel about being referred to as "the beloved old people"? It made me laugh...but so did the hats. We had "Disney Princess" themed crackers. Sigh. Everything in my life is Disney Princess themed.

I just LOVE that chair. Fancy! I am totally jealous! I can see myself in a chair like that... but in my front yard.
Pamela said…
Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! I know what you mean about the awkward been-away-too-long re-entry thing - I'm totally going through that right now. Here I thought I'd have all this extra time to blog, but I was dead wrong. Anyway, Happy New Year to you - hopefully we can both get back on track in 2011:)
Shan said…
That is one awesome chair. I love the beloved old people and their hats. My beloved old person totally dropped the ball on the funny hats this year. Glad you had such a great holiday.
@Julie... ahahahaha blue blocker sunglasses.
Anonymous said…
I hope you enjoyed your break. And your gifts. And your wine.

As for the paper hats, those are a Christmas REQUIREMENT. I believe this staunchly.

Happy New Year!
Alicia said…
That is an awesome chair! What a thoughtful gift :)
Amber said…
Love the paper hats! Happy New Year!
Oh the hats. Everyone (including the kids) refuse to wear them but me. I don't know why. I think they're a classic.
Nicole said…
Purple teeth = sign of a good night.

I love that picture of Eve in your new sun-shaded chair. Do you need to have that super excited expression on your face to sit in that chair? If so, that is awesome. Also I love the sign "Go Angus! Go Eve!"

Looks like you had a lovely Christmas!
Pam said…
She's BACK! Whoot! Whoot! I need a cheering chair, decorated by Eve to celebrate the occasion. Not awkward at all. Christmas holidays occur on another plane and thus, do not count in blogland. But I'm glad you are back. Much catching up to be done.
Patti Murphy said…
I'll have to try the funny hat treatment on the elderly.

The thusly's cracked me up. Beautiful table! Glad it was everything it was.

And I'm very, very pleased we think alike on that whole gifting/regifting thing. I'm all over this mutual adoration society.
Magpie said…
Torturing the elderly? Oh dear. That made Christmas.
Merry Christmas! I love the kids in the Santa Hats... we'll have to get some ourselves around here next year. Have a wonderful New Year! Peace to you.
Rosemary said…
Judy Moody! Awesome!
Kelly Miller said…
Looks like a great holiday. I love Eve reading in your chair. If I'd gotten it, it would still be sitting by the tree (which is still standing by the window).

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