Wordless Wednesday: Angus McCrock

I shared the pictures of Angus McCrock from World Trivia Night with Angus. Angus is now being really obnoxious.

Angus is walking around saying "if it's not me it's crap!" Eve said "is he calling me crap?!" I said "he's calling me crap too -- and I'm his mother." For some reason that made her feel better.


Nicole said…
I'm Scottish-Norweigan (how's THAT for a weird combo) and so I always loved that IF IT'S NOT SCOTTISH, IT'S CRRRRAAAAPP.
Wrath Of Mom said…
Those are great photos! The Braveheart face paint is hilarious. I love the tams w/ the faux hair -- I own two!

We very nearly named our youngest son Angus -- but it's a very hard sell in Alberta w/ all the similarly-named cattle roaming about.
Pamela said…
Just had to catch up on your World Trivia Night post - holy moly - you're rocking NaBloPoMo! Gotta love the Scots (I'm 1/4 Scottish so I guess I'm 3/4 crap:)
Anonymous said…
If I were Angus, I'd take that ball and run with it too. Because it's like 16 kinds of awesome.
Mary Lynn said…
Sigh...I guess I can see how people might've liked them. But better than us Cheez Wizards? I dunno about that.

I can see how they'd be a hit with Angus, tho.
I think he needs a shirt like that.
Gwen said…
Marilyn is quite right, Angus needs that shirt! You'll have to think up a clever one for Eve, too. Because if I had to listen to my brother saying that, I would go crazy!
Kitty Deschanel said…
LOL! You have a very good sense of humor to go along with a shirt like that.

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