One man's trivia is another man's...uh, trivia.

So it turns out Eve does have pneumonia after all. That's right -- I sent my plague-ridden daughter to another woman's house while I was out carousing. Mother of the year, right here. In my defense, no one could believe it, including the people she's staying with. And my doctor had said to call her if Eve got worse, which she hadn't, so I guess I won't bitch about it taking two and a half days to call me after the x-ray. And she did call me on a Saturday morning, which my sister the health-care professional assures me is quite impressive. So, the icky pink medicine has been dispensed, she is still happily ensconced at her best friend's house, and we'll all just have to live with the medical mystery. Apple a day my ass -- I think she may have proved that being a chronic wiseass actually strengthens the immune system.

World Trivia Night was an unmitigated success -- not 'success' in the sense of 'winning' or 'placing' or even 'proving that I'm not a total moron', but, you know, 'success' in the sense of 'ate a lot of crap', 'laughed like, well, a moron who doesn't know her daughter has pneumonia', and 'answered three questions no one else knew, two of which involved television or movies, thereby revealing to all assembled that I watch The Mentalist (only sometimes. When I'm too lazy to pick up the remote and change the channel. I know. The shame). The Divine Miss M.L. made her first in-person appearance at our table and in my life, which was awesome. Lynn made us Cheez Whizard costumes (capes and starry pencil-wands and wizard hats with tinsel and pictures of cheese, which was kind of a relief since I was kind of expecting actual string cheese) which got us into the short list for the Best Costume category. And the dudes who actually won Best Costume (Angus McCrock -- kilts, berets, blue faces and a massive wall of beer cans) were very gracious when I asked to take a picture of them for my son (whose name, we all agreed, was awesome). And I got to see Julie again, and transferred some of our vast accumulated Spiderman wealth to her, so yay. (And I still think she's really smart. A lot of people might think, on first glance, that 'star' is a five-letter word.)

At the end of the night we were all happily exhausted, all smarter by a few prime ministers, planets and countries (Dominica -- who knew?), hopped up on sugar and white-lipped from the massive salt infusion sucking all the moisture out of our bodies, and really glad to know our daughters didn't have pneumonia. Well, most of us. Sigh.


KLZ said…
So, medical professionals drive me nuts. Statistics are bull. But they won't pay attention to anything but statistics. An ear infection without a high fever? Impossible! they say. Except, that's how my son and I always get them. And they won't listen to us.

sometimes, I wish I had a medical degree to have more credibility with them. Instead, I just have a mom degree.

Hope your little one feels better soon.
Nicole said…
Oh, boo! That sucks but take heart: you feel much, much worse than Eve does, I guarantee it. Actually now that I wrote that down it doesn't sound so reassuring. I meant to reassure.

I also judge successful evenings by the amount of crap I consume. Yum. Salty snacks. Sounds fun and I wish I could join in - I totally would if I wasn't across the country.
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry that Eve does have pneumonia. I had it myself as a kid. Not fun, but not as bad as old-timey movies make it out to be. And thankfully not contagious, so you're saved from any guilt on that front.

I'm glad you got to enjoy Trivia Night all the same.
Kelly Miller said…
Sorry about Eve, but sounds like your night out was pretty fantastic.
Wrath Of Mom said…
World Trivia Night sounds like fun!

Are Eve and Angus your kids REAL names or blog aliases? Either way -- I like those names.
Trivia night sounds fun! I'm rubbish at that kind of thing, they always ask questions about TV and music and things-I-don't-know-about....
Ms. G said…
I'm playing catch-up today. Wow, hope Eve is doing better soon!
Trivia night sounds fun, I totally suck at trivia but getting to wear a wizard hat with tinsel would make the night for me!
Mary Lynn said…
Oy, why would it take so long for the results to come in? At least Eve was feeling well, despite the pneumonia. She must be one tough little cookie!

Friday was a super fun night, wasn't it? You forgot to mention that you learned I actually DO snort out loud when I laugh. For reals. It's adorable.
Pam said…
You still get MOTY 'cause Eve was being all sweet and adorable about petting a bunny and faking her wellness real good. Glad WTN was awesome. Will you be posting pics?
Gwen said…
When Sarah was about 10 months old, I took her to the clinic because she had a cough that wouldn't go away. I started off by saying "I think she's just faking to get my attention, but the baby keeps coughing". Yeah, she had pneumonia. Mother of the Year right HERE!

Eve is lucky to have a Mum who takes her illness seriously. And who takes a break. Because sick kids zap the life out of us. Glad you got to go out and have fun!

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