Short and Sweet. (And you can't really fault him on the logic).

Me: "What's that thing you call me sometimes? Bowl full of nuts?"

My husband: "No. What I call you sometimes is 'honey bunches of oats'. What I think about you sometimes is 'bowl full of nuts'.

Fair enough.


Mary Lynn said…
The price of marrying a funny guy. :-)
Nicole said…
My husband thinks similar things.

Honey bunches of oats, though? I love it! I love the bowl full of nuts too, I admit.
Anonymous said…
My husband calls me honey bunches of oats, too. Which I find ironic, because I've never once, in 20 years, seen him eat breakfast cereal. I fear it means that he likes me well enough, but in a pinch he'll always go with the toast.
Ms. G said…
That. Is true love : )
Pam said…
And here I was thinking you were nuttier than a bowl full of squirrels under an oak tree. But maybe it's just me. (Clearly I have had too much cough medicine - sorry.)
Betsy B. Honest said…
Nicely done, Biblioman. You ever so effectively insulted her while drawing attention to the fact that you never insult her.

Reminds me of someone I know.
NInja Mom said…
There is so much love in both those sentiments - made me smile to read it :)

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