Knowing Me Knowing You and I Do Realize I Complain a Lot

Time for Knowing Me Knowing You August with the Fairy Blogmother, for which I am heartily grateful because my husband is back from China therefore the pressure is off therefore cue the total loss of my will to live. It's been a gray and rainy week-end which matches my gray and rainy mood, I read a gray and rainy book and sat in front of my computer and obsessively checked and rechecked my email and Facebook and kept not receiving the email or comment that would transform my day into a wonderland of colour and passion. I made resolutions to stop eating crap and followed them up by eating crap (washed down with a searing shot of irony). I have further resolved that the wallowing shall end precisely at midnight. Okay, the wallowing will end whenever I drag my ass out of bed in the morning. There will be mostly no wallowing tomorrow. 

1. What is your favourite kind of pie? 

Cherry. Or coconut cream. I don't know, I'm not that heavily invested in pie. Or pi, except in that one weird way.

2. What kind of wedding did you have. I am making the broad assumption here that you are married, if you're not.. what was the last wedding like that you went to. 

Traditional, mostly. Pouffy white dress, church, hall, dancing, open bar, men polka-ing together, the best man wearing shorts (what, that's not traditional?). We invited everyone to a big barbecue bluegrass rehearsal party the night before and to my parents' house the day after, so it was kind of a three-day wedding. And for favours my Mom said I should pick something that represented me, so I said 'nuts?'. I painted little candleholders and put packages of pistachio nuts in them that said 'nuts to you from Matt and Allison'. My Mom said we couldn't do it but her friend Shirley's old German mother said it was cool so then she said we could. I know, I'm such a rebel. 

3. Ever been to a 3D movie? 

Somebody please stick a freaking fork in the 3D movie already. I hate the stupid glasses, I hate that the movie's all blurry if you don't wear the stupid glasses. A couple of them had a couple of cool parts, but Toy Story 3? Wouldn't have mattered one way or the other.

4. What is the worst movie ever made? 

Don't know. I've heard it's some movie about a guy sitting in a room for three hours. The worst movie I've ever seen? I hated Austin Powers, but according to some people that's just because I'm uptight and elitist. Hmph. 

5. Are you all set for back to school? 

Not remotely, on any level. We're going shopping for school supplies tomorrow (right, because that should snap my cranky streak). I ordered a backpack from Eve from Land's End (will I never learn?) and it's too small. The thought of having to pack lunches again makes me want to crawl under a table, lie down and count all the little faces in the grain of my hardwood floors until next June. I don't even have the pleasure of bitching about not being able to send peanut butter sandwiches because my kids don't like peanut butter ANYWAY, and somehow that makes it all SO MUCH WORSE. It's enough to drive one to homeschooling. If it wasn't for the having to know all that stuff and be organized and prepared and be with my kids all day every day. Plus if they turned out dumb I'd have no one to blame but myself. That would suck.


Anonymous said…
Don't tell me about the horror of school lunches, I can't take it! I need to live in my delusional land of, "It's all going to be so peachy-keen," just a little while longer. Just a little.
Shan said…
I usually let my husband make the lunches, even though the kids hate it when he does. That should tell you how I feel about making lunches. And yes, my dress was pouffy too! So pouffy.
Kelly Miller said…
I, too, am completely done with 3D movies. Overpriced and underwhelming.

My kid son's lunch consists of a peanut butter sandwich, cheese nips, and juice. He has it every day of the school year and had it every day of the summer. That's what he wants and it's what he'll eat. No complaints here!

(He gets lots of fruits and veggies in his breakfast, dinner, and snacks, so no worries about his limited lunch diet!)
The problem with homeschooling (as a solution to your problem), so far as I can tell, is that you'd STILL have to make lunch for the kids but you'd also have to teach them! ;)
Nicole said…
3D movies make me want to barf. Literally, I always feel sick. And what was up with Avatar? Seriously boring movie. Anyhoo...

I went BTS shopping for kids shoes yesterday and I was THIS CLOSE to stabbing myself in the heart with car keys. So many people. So many people.
Pamela said…
I totally agree w/ you on the 3D movies - I tried to take my son to his first movie in a theater a couple of weeks ago & 3D was the only option for kids movies! We searched forever until we found 1 that wasn't. Uggh, now I'm stressing over the lunch thing - he's the pickiest eater ever - have no idea what I'm gonna pack for him for JK this year!
Pam said…
How's that wallow free day going? Would you kindly pick up all my children's school supplies when you are out tomorrow? Thanks a bunch!
"The thought of having to pack lunches again makes me want to crawl under a table, lie down and count all the little faces in the grain of my hardwood floors until next June." Bahahaha! I'm right there with you. You will eat your unsalted,sesame free crackers a bean dip and like it because that is all I am allowed to send, my dearest!
Ms. G said…
hee hee 'nuts', I love it. And seriously, I thought I was the only one with little faces in my floor. I'm so relieved, I've been worrying about that since I was a child.

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