March Break, day two

Two words: PARC OMEGA.

What better way to spend a sunny day in March than driving around poking carrots at large animals while they gob all over your car windows (actually, since my mother generously offered us her minivan so all six of us could ride together, all over your parents' van windows?).

Pictures of slobbering wapiti, surly bison and adorable wrestling bear cubs will be forthcoming. Margot took most of the animal shots since I was driving (a dicey proposition at the best of times).
My husband and I brought our kids here when Angus was three and Eve was a baby. As soon as we got in the gate, a big elk-like thing approached the window and my momentarily dim-witted husband said "Look Angus!" and opened Angus's window. All the way. Whereupon the huge elk-like thing stuck its head right in the bag of Tostitos in Angus's lap. Whereupon Angus was suddenly quite disenchanted with the whole feeding-the-animals thing. A few minutes later, when we were in the lodge buying bags of carrots, Angus asked "are those for feeding the animals?" I said yes, and he nodded thoughtfully and said "Yeah. I'm probabwy gonna be a wittle bit scared."
He was much braver this time. Especially with animals of the stuffed artificial variety.

Of course, the boys did opt to stay in the van while Eve and Meghan did this:

There's also an area where you walk along a walkway and look down on some arctic wolves. There were also supposed to be moose, but there was only one very guilty-looking bear. Hmmmm.

It was a great day and the kids were fabulous. Margot and I and our kids used to be together all the time, and then they started school, in schools with different start times, and it's been much more difficult to see them. So it's been a great Matthew and Meghan March Break: they were here yesterday, we were with them today, and they're hanging out with us tomorrow morning while their mother teaches physics to first-year university students (pretty sure I got the better end of that deal). Too bad, because by the end of the day Eve and Meghan were obviously sick of each other.

Oh, and the symphony was fantastic. Until the second half. If we'd left at intermission, we would have been golden. Turns out I'm not a big fan of Shostakovich.


Mary Lynn said…
That looks like tons of fun. What a gorgeous week to be out and about with the kids.
Lara said…
What a great day for it too!! I think we'll be needing to head to park omega again some time soon :)
Anonymous said…
I must say, a moose-eating bear would be pretty impressive, I must say.

And the Tostitos thing reminds me of the conversations in which I explained to my daughter that we can't just SHOW our food to a dog. It doesn't work that way.
The Mayor! said…
Thank gosh for this weather eh??!! We were outside all day as well, hitting the shores of Lake Ontario tomorrow LOL!! :-D Great pics, looks like much fun was had...& I'm sure you were well rested after napping thru the symphony last night...

Julie said…
you know, we've never been to park omega. i thinkk we need tot ry that this year. maybe something my mom can do with the bean when she comes to babysit for a while in july. must try and book mark that into my pea brain somehow.

sorry to hear that the symphony was good all the way thru. but how was dinner?
Mary Lynn said…
BTW, you are mentioned in my most recent blog post. Just FYI...
Patti Murphy said…
Why did the bear look guilty? Because it ate the moose? I want to know the story behind the guilty-looking bear.

Sounds like a great time and a fun read too. What beautiful children. And thanks for my award!

I've gotta figure out how to add awards to my site. Maybe I should talk to Mary Lynn about how that's done:)
alison said…
I would totally pay to see a surly bison and a guilty-looking bear. The slobbering wapiti? Not so much. Might have to pack Leah and Rae up for a day trip sometime. But alas, this week I'm working and they are languishing at their caregiver's.
Pam said…
Ow! My stomach is sore again from your colourful picture of your Omega experiences. Thanks for making me snort and I can totally picture the bear. Sounds like fantastic March Break fun. You run a great camp!
Magpie said…
that wolf is evil looking.

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