March Break day three and Sunshine

We've pretty much dispensed with the wild-rumpus style out-in-the-world March Break fun; we're onto the slothful, energy-conserving, pajamas-all-day March Break fun. Matthew and Meghan came over and Angus and Matthew played Pokemon Platinum for four hours. In my defense, we had a busy day yesterday, and Angus has a cold. And I'm not responsible for Matthew's future brain-mushiness. Eve and Meghan invented imaginary friends and drew pictures of them (Meghan's is a five-foot-tall talking flower with a cellphone. Eve's is a half-supermodel, half-fairy, half-dog, called a FuzzBuzz. And no, I didn't point out the inherent fractional contradiction, we're all wearing pajamas, cut us some freakin' slack, would you?). Matthew and Meghan just left. Angus has another friend coming over for a sleepover and Eve is stalking Victoria from next door, who isn't home yet but will be leapt on with deranged slinky-like passion the moment she shows up.

So I was catching up on blog-reading in the brief between-extra-kids period. Mary Lynn mentioned that she was happy to get the Bloggy I gave her, but that she always feels hesitant about giving awards because she thinks people will feel like it's some weird imposition, or wacky chain mail-ish. And I was like dude! Me too! Or I feel like if their blog is a lot older than mine they'll be like "ooh, thanks, but I have four dozen of these cluttering up my virtual trash can, maybe there's some homeless blogger who could use it". So Mary Lynn passed one on to Julie, and Julie said it was her first award, which THEN made me think "what the hell, Julie, I've totally given you an award". But then I thought, crap, is it possible I completely forgot to pass on my Sunshine award from Suzicate? Yes, yes it is, as it turns out. It was my first blog award EVER, and I must have gotten carried away by the excitement (yay! praise me! externally validate me! enable my great yawning neediness! ahem). Also, the rules are to pass it on to ten other bloggers, and I don't think I can do that. I don't comment on every blog I read, and I can't see chucking an award at some unsuspecting blogger saying "hey! you don't know me but I love your blog! here, have some sunshine! oops, sorry, was that your eye? my bad!". So here you are. If you don't like it, go ahead and trash it -- but don't tell me, okay?

1. Julie at Thoughts of a Smothermother. I love her little vignettes, pictures, musings, snips and snails and puppy dog tails. And I covet her two-year old. I love two-year-olds.

2. Amber at Strocel. Amber is a mighty mighty blogger, in frequency, duration and depth. I tried to find out how you get to give a blog award without getting one first, because there's an Inspirational Blogger Award I really want to give her, but I couldn't figure out the rules (because I'm a teeny, teeny blogger, in frequency, duration and depth, and computer skills). But she's also kind and gracious, so I'm betting she won't spit at my Sunshine Award. Amber, you are inspirational, and also bright and glowy, kind of a like a big ball of incandescent gas... I mean, you help the flowers grow.

3. Jane from Theycallmejane's blog (it's a hence the name kinda thing). Jane is adrift in admirers already, and rightly so -- she blogs to better the world, or at least make sure we notice where some improvements could be made. And we like the same music!

4. Tracy, the Mayor of Crazy Town. She has four kids, so I'd rather make this a spa-day-and-margarita award, but we do what we can. I love her funny pictures and the way she blogs about kid-wrangling, moods and the agreeable chaos of the quotidian.

5. Lynn at Turtlehead. She invited me to World Trivia Night! We shared Pringles! We both love Glee! We both love The History of Love! She's in my friend Pam's book club! She makes pie!

6. Mary Lynn at Riding in a Handbasket. Mother of two little hamster-dancing cuties. Bestower of computer favours. At this point we may be starting to seem like a slightly sickening little mutual admiration society. Does this bother me? It does not. Not a whit. One-way admiration sucks. Ask all those Johnny Depp fans.

7. Alison at Party of 3. Single Mom. Hilarious kids. Intelligent, entertaining, grapefruit-juice-out-the-nose funny blog. I will get to meet her at a Blogger's Breakfast at some point if my husband manages to stay in the country or my kids let me leave the house.

8. CJ at Don't Lick the Ferrets. You think YOU take a lot of crap? CJ takes a LOT of crap, gracefully and graciously, madly churning out afghans all the while. She's kind of my hero.

Some of you I just gave a bloggy award to. Whatever -- it's awards season. Not the Golden Globes or Oscars, but those obscure, before-the-big-ceremony things they have for key grips and best boys. You're all like little happy pills without the nasty side effects. The least I can do is give you a little sunshine.


Pam said…
Well blogged. I don't know how you are still able to type after all the March Break madness, but you bring your awesome perspective to the blog world again. You get an inspiration award, when invented.
I'm in my PJs, so pass the margaritas.
Magpie said…
looky! more reading!
Anonymous said…
Aw, thank you so much! I am truly, truly flattered. And I will not spit on your award at all.

Also, if only I COULD help the flowers grow, I would be less hit and miss in the garden. Something to aim for, I guess. ;)
Julie said…
hey you! thanks a bunch. two awards in one week. how is my ego ever going to fit through the door! and i'm with you and mary lynn on the whole, chain mail sort of thing. and i totally don't know 10 bloggers i could send these to, but i will figure something out.

enjoy the rest of the sun and march break!
The Mayor! said…
Awwwwwww!! Sunshine is my FAVE thing in the world!! Oh yeah, besides the rug rats LOL!! Thnx sooo much & what a great b-day gift!! YAY US!!! :-D
Anonymous said…
Awwww! I came by to read and then comment on MY own love of pajama days, too and then I see that you've given me an award. You are TOO kind and I so appreciate the recognition. Thanks to my rockin' bloggy friend!
SuziCate said…
Looking forward to checking out your Sunshine recipients. And Jane is awesome! So are you!

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