March Break day four

I'm sick. Angus is sick. Good thing I front-loaded the week. Last night Eve and I watched Where the Wild Things Are. I thought it was amazing, but she said "there aren't a whole lot of happy parts in this movie", and she wasn't wrong. Angus had a friend sleep over last night and I was watching a friend of Eve's this morning, and Angus and I started trading coughs around 4 a.m. so the morning was Angus and Nathan playing basketball and hockey outside and Eve and Laura making little books, and the afternoon was Angus lying on his futon watching The Mighty Ducks on the little DVD player while insisting he wasn't tired and Eve trying to make exercise equipment for a fairy (more on this later). And I hid in my room and read something hard-boiled and not too taxing. Also, I gave Eve a bath. For an hour and a half. With Barbie Mermaids. This is one section of ninety minutes of singing, yarn-spinning and general commentary:

"You have to go back to your Dad."
"Mom, I'm not going back. I have to save you. It's in the legend."
"Actually the legend says your Mom dies."
"Go with the legend. Go with the legend, girl."
"I'm not listening to some stupid legend! I'm doing what my heart says."
"Are you sure it's not what your stomach says?"
"Save the Mom! Save the Mom! Save the Mom! Save the Mom!"
"Okay stomach, you can stop. We get it."

How can you not love this kid?


Mary Lynn said…
I love it when you quote Eve. She cracks me up.

Hope you're feeling better soon.
Anonymous said…
I love the imaginary play. And I'm impressed at the 90 minute stamina. My kids just aren't quite up to that much creativity. Yet.
Julie said…
90 minutes of imaginary play? oh how i dream of that day! though the bean does love to play in the bath and probably would stay in there for 90 minutes if i let him.

hope you and angus aren't too affected by a plague.
Lynn said…
Oh my goodness, SO HILARIOUS. Eve clearly takes after her mother in terms of imagination and originality! I hope you caught some on video.

Get well soon!
Patti Murphy said…
Wow. Maybe you two could publish children's books, starting now.

Hope recuperation is swift.
Pam said…
Eve rocks (for just being her great self), YOU rock (for amusing Laura and being your great self while sick), and the mermaids rock too. May you be feeling awesome again soon. Meanwhile, may the household wait on you hand and foot while you read.
Shan said…
So funny. I get such a kick out of listening to their made up conversations.
Rosemary said…
I think the bathtub is the best toy in our house. My kids could spend hours in there playing with cups, foam letters and Polly pockets! I could watch and fold mounds and mounds of laundry too :)

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