Still Christmas, Stay With Me

 Christmas morning was lovely as usual. Matt woke me up around 8:00 and made me tea. I sit in the rocking chair and Matt pulls up a chair and the kids sit on the floor and I always put their respective gifts on the same side of the tree so they sit in the same spot every year. We take turns opening presents. Oh crap, I was going to ask each kid what their favourite gift was and then tell you what MY favourite gift that I gave them was. And have pictures. Oh well. I get Angus a lot of 'Canadian content" gifts since he lives in the U.S. I'll show you my favourite thing tomorrow. I think he only asked for a couple of pieces of nice athletic wear. I got him more cooking stuff since he cooks for himself now (my particular favourite is probably the "Hard Core Carnivore" spice blend. And the requisite Bud Lite can with boxer shorts inside because I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom.

Ornaments for their favourite Christmas movies:

Also a barbell one for Angus because he works out like a madman, and a maple leaf because Canadian content.

Angus upheld his tradition (there it is again) of putting on every piece of clothing he gets.

Including his apron

I try to find books for Eve that are good books that also have cute covers

Lucy helps. Then she steals your spot 

Angus got me this really nice, probably-really-difficult puzzle. 

Eve got me book-cover postcards from the adorable little bookstore down the street from her house, and this really nice, slightly freaky mushroom-person zipper pouch.

We had fully finished and were about to head out to my parents' place for breakfast and more gifts, when I remembered that I had forgotten about the Fluevogs AGAIN. Matt said "your mom is going to be calling any minute". I said "I don't care, if I wait I'll forget again." 

Everyone ready?

I don't know if I should wear them or just put them on a shelf.

We went to my mom and dad's and had breakfast and opened more presents. We came home and although I usually nap, I felt like I was uncommonly rested for a Christmas day so I would try not to. I didn't feel awesome physically - my Achilles' tendons and calves were weirdly tight and kept spasming. I was a little freaked out about it, and then I remembered that every time I feel stressed/ anxious/ run down for any more than a day or two my body delights in throwing out some weird immune response nonsense. So then I calmed down but it was still annoying. I decided I would wear comfortable clothes rather than trying to dress up.

We picked up my parents for dinner again. We've gotten into a good routine for Thanksgiving and Christmas where I do everything for the day before and Matt cooks the turkey the day of, and my parents bring the sides. It was a really nice dinner. There was wine. There were Christmas crackers.

There was port

Eve was not a fan.

We were all pretty tired, so we took my parents home early and I went to bed with a book, happy and grateful and kind of excited that the Magic of Christmas could now morph into the Slothfulness of Apres-Christmas.


Nicole said…
Those boots are insanely gorgeous and you should wear them everywhere, all the time, until they literally fall apart. Love them!!!

That puzzle looks very hard, and I really like your tradition of doing things the day before. So smart!
On the whole it sounds wonderful. Please tell us where you wear the boots. They deserve a day out.

I feel that "port" must be pronounced with a British accent.
Ernie said…
I love Eve's face post port and when Lucy has stolen her spot. I also love Angus' apron. Tank is studying abroad and might have to make some food for himself. I now wish I'd gotten him that same apron. I'm all for dressing comfortably. The boots are so very cool. Dang it, you ARE a cool mom. I say wear them. Everywhere.
StephLove said…
That sounds like a nice Christmas. I like the pictures of Angus wearing all his clothes. I would find that an incentive to buy him a lot of clothes.
Suzanne said…
I love the boots!! And I think I need to get that puzzle for my husband. It looks challenging but finish-able, which are his criteria.

Love that Lucy stole Eve's seat -- so cute! You just have the sweetest family.

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