The Absolute Opposite of Surly Thursday Oops It's Friday, I Will Explain

 It was Thursday. I was working at Broadview. I was determined not to be a giant frowny shushing bitchy librarian. I had gone to physio on Tuesday and was already feeling some improvement in my back, and I didn't have a migraine, and I was ahead of the impending snowstorm, so odds were in my favour. I had planned to go in a little early because I had a doctor's appointment after in the other direction, but the doc's office called me in the morning and said the doctor wasn't feeling well and asked if I would consider a phone appointment, which was actually more than fine with me.

First class was great, as always. My pick for storytime wasn't the best ever (my god, the pressure - I really should get ahead of it, but I never do) but the kids in that class are kind and forgiving. Some of them are leaving for Christmas vacation early and told me where they were going. 

Second class was the huge rowdy grade sixes, but they've calmed down considerably in the past few weeks, and a couple of them asked for books that I was actually able to find, which is always a mood booster. 

The other classes blend together a bit, honestly, but it was all good - kids are spinning out a little approaching the Christmas holidays but it was in a fun way rather than an annoying one. Quite a few kids came into the library during first break to read and work on projects, but they were all quiet and actually did read and do work, which is kind of what the library should be for, and it bugs me that it's hard to remember this sometimes. I am good with books. I am sometimes not the best with people.

A group of girls came in to try to print stuff on the printer behind my desk. When I first started at the school this printer made me nervous because of one hideous substitute librarian experience when obnoxious kids were running behind me non-stop to the printer and demanding that I fix their printing problems. It hasn't been that big a deal - there's more space here, and usually teachers just come in and grab stuff and I keep doing whatever I'm doing. These girls did NOT know what they were doing, and I didn't know how to help, and they were being perfectly normal loud giggly teenaged girls, and usually I'm fine with that, some of my favourite people are, or were very recently, loud giggly teenaged girls. I'm not sure what my issue was with these ones, except that I am maybe also spinning out a little approaching the Christmas holidays. Anyway, I breathed through it, they left eventually.

At second break, I stood up to get a bit of shelving done before the onslaught of the chess club, which I was determined to handle with better grace than last week (I complained about it here). The main problem is I kept trying to get shelving done when it was impossible to get around the walls of children, so this week I figured I would just shelve until it wasn't possible to access the shelves any more and then find something else to do. A couple of kids came in, but not as many as usual, which was a little confusing. Then the teacher who leads the chess club came in and said --------- wait for it, I'm afraid to believe it's actually read -- they MOVED CHESS CLUB. TO THE GYM. 

*breathless elation*

*confetti and fireworks*

*angel choirs*

(He said they did it in the gym last week when the library was off limits because of immunizations and there was so much space there they decided to keep doing it. Which sort of begs the question, why the library in the first place? But never mind).

I hardly knew what to do with the unexpected peace and tranquility and space. Or all the forbearance I had planned to exhibit. I wandered around shelving books in a bit of a daze. 

I wanted to stop by Michaels and Indigo on my way home to grab some frames and a couple of gifts/ stocking stuffers. The doctor phone call was going to make the timing a little awkward, except she called me about a half hour early, right when I had no class, so I spent ten minutes on the phone with her and then was free to finish my shift and go shopping. How often does medical appointment timing work out that beautifully? 

I would have come home and posted about all of this right away EXCEPT - Angus was planning to drive home on Friday or Saturday because his last exam was on Thursday, but then there was this stupid snowstorm coming, so he thought he might have to wait until Sunday, but then he arranged to write his exam early on Thursday and drove home right after so he just showed up!

And then it snowed a shit ton.


Suzanne said…
Um, this is all awesome!!! Especially the chess club being MOVED to the GYM! That is excellent news. And also! An Angus surprise arrival! Hooray!

(But what will you do with all that stored forbearance???? Perhaps you can put it toward some holiday shoppers who are bound to REQUIRE it.)
Nicole said…
Wow, what a wonderful surprise! Yay for Angus coming home early!!!

Everything is coming up Allison!
Ernie said…
I love it when everything just clicks into place. Hooray. We have a bit of a dumpster fire going on here- I am down with covid and scheduled to host his side one day and mine on the 25th.*sobbing softly*

Love that Angus made it home early before a snow storm.

What luck that the chess club discovered a new home in the gym.
StephLove said…
How happy that Angus is home and early to boot! Noah will be home tomorrow.
Tudor said…
I didn't know you worked at Broadview sometimes! LMK when you're there and I can come up and say hi!

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