Day 3

 I had to take a break from de-crapifying today because my back is done - usually it's okay when I get up and gets gradually worse as the day goes on, so when it hurts when I get up it's not good. 

Anyway, have a shot of my piano, which used to have a pile of cloth masks, a dozen defunct pairs of sunglasses and a bunch of photographs piled on it.

Also, everyone saying that they want to do this, if you have kids still living at home or work full time, DO NOT EVEN TRY IT. My kids are gone and I work extremely part time and it's still really fucking difficult. Plus I'm trying to blog every day. As I said to my friend Hannah (HI HANNAH), "I just keep reminding myself that it doesn't have to get done well, it just has to get done". Of course, it doesn't even HAVE to get done. This is all self-imposed! I am in a hell of my own making! 

Okay, that's being dramatic. It's not hell. I'm starting to really enjoy the de-crapifying. For the pleasure of so much less clutter in my visual field, for the satisfaction of having places for more things and more things in their place (not "everything", it's NEVER going to be 'everything'), for all the things I'm finding that I thought I might never see again. I am a little worried that when I get back from Hamilton the impulse will have fled. I hope not. 

I should schedule posts for when I’m away this weekend. Or just post a weird selection of pictures on the fly and have you make of them what you will,


Ernie said…
Sorry about your back. Hopefully it'll feel better after your Hamilton break. The piano does look great. I cleaned out the storage room in the basement over the weekend. Not sure why people think it's OK to drop stuff in there and NOT place them in the currect bin. I feel accomplished, but it's a cycle. They will trash the space again. I'm saying that I agree with you. Waiting till they all move out might be the best approach.

Enjoy Hamilton!
Pat Birnie said…
Good for you on your decrapifying! It feels so good when it’s done - but sorry about your back. It is so much easier to keep a house tidy and organized when the kids have left isn’t it? Except my husband also is guilty of leaving crap around. I learned to pick my battles & know that I’m way more concerned about a tidy house than he is, so I often just deal with his trail of stuff. It’s so enjoyable to look around at no clutter after years of living with 4 very messy kids! Your piano looks gorgeous by the way.
StephLove said…
I hope your back is better.

It's nice to have my inclination to procrastinate any major cleaning/straightening projects validated.
Suzanne said…
Look at that beautifully clean piano! Good work!

Also, thank you for releasing me from this obligation. I have the one very self-sufficient child at home and I am going to milk it for all it's worth.

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