Day 27: Surly Sunday

 I am unaccountably cranky today. I do often in November have a fairly drastic downturn in mood and energy around four o'clock, which was just when we were leaving for dinner with my parents. It hasn't affected me too badly yet this month, so I should be grateful, which I probably will be when I get done being cranky. 

Surly Sunday is alliteration. Usually I do Surly Thursday which is -- assonance? Consonance? Neither, quite, and I should know this, fuck.

I had raspberries and blackberries with vanilla yogurt for breakfast, which was delicious. I have had a berry seed stuck between my two back left lower molars all day, which is driving me slowly mad. I have flossed. I have picked. I have swished. I have chewed gum. I think there may be nothing left for it but to pull out the power drill. 

I spent some time in the back storage area today. Against the back wall of the house there are big built-in shelves - four levels. Then there is an Ikea set of metal shelves - I hate these, they're supposed to be better for garages and such but they are bendy and sort of flimsy and never feel solid enough, but I have moved a lot of stuff off them and dusted them for possibly the first time in about twenty years, so that's fairly satisfying (*wheeze*). 

Sometimes you convince yourself you're not a full-on hoarder, and sometimes you discover that you have kept...

...a label cut out of your son's Batman shirt. Your currently twenty-two-year old son . 

Don't worry, I'm definitely going to throw it out now. Almost for sure. 

It rained today. I was annoyed when the snow came, and now I'm annoyed that it's gone. I didn't want more, or not a whole lot more, especially for the next week while Matt's not here and I'd have to shovel it myself, but I liked having the stuff we had. And rain in November is just depressing. 

What did I think I was going to do with all these glass bottles? It's okay. I'm getting rid of them before I die and my children have to deal with them. 

Matt is watching regular tv with commercials and if this fucking idiotic Old Navy one plays one more time I'm going to huck this computer into the tv. Or a glass bottle or five. 

See? Cranky. Sleep well everyone. I will endeavour to produce an attitude adjustment on the morrow. 


StephLove said…
I continue to admire your industry in this decluttering projects.

BTW, I'm pretty sure it's assonance.
Suzanne said…
"Surly Thursday" strikes me as assonance, and perhaps also a near rhyme. Although I'm nowhere near confident on how "near" a rhyme has to be to be considered a "near rhyme" so don't quote me.

I'm sorry you had a rough Sunday. Those days just plain STINK and I hope that Monday is treating you better. And that the berry seed has left the premises.
NGS said…
Your decluttering is encouraging me. I vow to go through the bins under the beds in the guest room and primary bedroom and go through the desks downstairs and upstairs this week. I'll update you as to how this goes. You are my inspiration!
Ernie said…
I hate those lodged seeds that seem like they will never leave. Happens to me all the time. My poor tongue refuses to give it a rest even though it is pointless.

The tag. So funny. Reg had a chunky Hulk ring - when he was 4, mabye. He's 16 now. It's in the fireplace currently. We don't use the fireplace. I know it's in there, but I haven't bothered to reach through the grate and deal with any cobwebs to grab it. It's just there.

I organized and cleaned out all of my bathroom vanities over the course of a few weeks. I've moved on to the study. It's a monumental task that I'm afraid of, but it is SO begging to be organized.

The political commercials in Chicago make me want to scratch my eyes out. There's no way that any sane person is actually influenced by these commercials. All people most likely do as I do, eyeroll and glance at the calendar, willing the election to arrive in order to free us of the nightmare that is these commercials.

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