Day 24: Who's That Trip-Trapping Over My Bridge?

 I spent most of the day in the basement again and almost forgot to post before going upstairs to read before bed. This just reminded me of when I was pregnant with Angus and the basement was being finished. Matt would go down there in the evenings and every now and then I'd need him for something and I would yell for him (because I was enormous and lazy) and he couldn't hear me and of course this was pre-cell-phone so I couldn't even (ridiculously) text him. This would make me unreasoningly angry, and I started calling him (only half-jokingly) the basement troll. Well who's the troll now, bitches?

I bring my ipad down so I can play a tv show while I'm wandering around sorting and dusting and moving and gasping in a horrified manner (mummified spider, which is absolutely nothing compared to what Hannah (HI HANNAH) found in her garage, but still, it was big. And crunchy.) Yesterday I started playing the new Addams Family show Wednesday on Netflix, but then stopped it because it's actually really good and I want to actually watch it. I need something NOT very good, that I can only half pay attention to and not care that I miss a lot. When Matt got home today I told him I will be watching Ghost Whisperer and I will not be taking questions at this time.

Matt and I are also watching Reboot on Disney Plus. I stumbled over it by accident and it's quite good - Rachel Bloom is in it, from the amazing Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (so good. SO so good). And Paul Reiser, and Keegan Michael Key. It has multiple actual laugh-out-loud moments.

Since we're talking about trivial matters, my iphone system just got updated. I haven't really noticed much changing, except this:

The time. It's now in the most ridiculous, over-the-top, comic-sans-ish font. Why? I mean, granted it's easier for my decrepit old eyes to see, but I hate it. I swear it gets fatter every time I look at it. 

While sorting through photos today I found this wallet-sized pic of Angus - I took it I think two summers ago when we walked over to the nearby pub to have a drink on the patio. But wait.... did something spill on it? No, somehow - I have no idea how - there is a tiny superimposed image of a photo I took of him at his friend's house just before prom in 2018. So it looks like there's a tiny him perched on top of his beer.

What the heck?

It's been a good but kind of weird week. Saturday morning I have to take my mom for an ultrasound at the butt-crack of dawn. Let's hope the post doesn't write itself that day (note to self: Leave Lucy at home!)


I updated my phone and I find the time so jarring now! Also, I have a grievance in that my Spotify lock screen won't let me adjust the volume from the screen now, so I have to use the side button and is that the weirdest grievance ever? Yes.
StephLove said…
That photo is spooky.
Ernie said…
What did we do when we could not text someone on a different level of the house?

The picture of little Angus teetering on the rim of his drink is classic.

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