Day 18: Point of Order

 I actually thought last night while I was brushing my teeth that I might have to clarify this, so don't think that I'm just saying it so I can keep twinning with Suzanne (HI SUZANNE) - I think she likes mushrooms, so, sadly, we had already reached our 'never the twain shall meet' moment (but we'll always have The Time Traveller's Wife, and tequila).

I don't hate snow! I adored snow until just recently, and I still like it. It's pretty (for a while anyway), and it means I'm finally not hot all the time anymore, and Christmas is lame without it. I loved walking my kids home from school with me on the sidewalk and them climbing all the snowbanks talking non-stop (Eve said hi to all the snow-covered trees. The trees were all named Carl). Once I drove the back roads route to Zarah's place (HI ZARAH) and it was a winter wonderland (but I still usually drive the highway route because I have to pee every hour and a half and if I break down I probably won't end up a frozen corpsicle). The river trail we walk is magical in the winter.

AND let's not forget our outdoor bar nights during the lockdown. I actually miss them, although I think I'm the only one.

I just understand why some people DO hate snow, and I don't like being told what I should find joyful. I also think that, rather cruelly, I'm starting to experience mood dips related to big snow events. This is kind of like how I love the fall but always have a September depression - my brain is dumb, and broken.

It is World Trivia Night tonight, my .... counts on fingers... THIRTEENTH? Good lord. The first one was a snap decision to join Lynn (HI LYNN) even though I only knew her online and my husband was convinced I was going to be found dead in an alley. The very next year I went again, even though Matt was away and I had to farm my kids out and, uh, one of them had pneumonia. Mother of the year over here.

It went online for a couple of years during Covid. Tonight it's moved downtown to the convention centre, instead of being at the nice big airport-hangar-sized place with the nice big open parking lot, so I have driving and parking anxiety in addition to my sucking-at-trivia-and-being-team-dead-weight anxiety. It'll be fine. It'll almost certainly be fine. It'll probably be fine. I'm going to study some state capitals. 


Nicole said…
Have fun at trivia night, super jelly over here.
Does anyone still say jelly? Did they ever?
I sent M to school in grade one with what I thought was a bit of a sniffle and allergies, but it turned out to be pneumonia, so.
Pat Birnie said…
When my son was 4 he ran around like a maniac all day as normal but complained ONLY at bet time that his leg really response. “Oh your fine go to sleep”. After several days of this something made me get it checked out, yup broken. Just a stress fracture, but still...
StephLove said…
I remember that Eve used to talk to trees and they were all named Carl, but I am still charmed by it.
Ernie said…
I'm very confident in your ability to not be dead weight for your trivia team. Here's hoping parking is a breeze and they ask for only the state capitols that you studied.

I like snow to a point. I'm always cold, so I dislike winter in general. Not sure I could've survived the outdoor bar nights. You guys look cute, but brrr.

We farmed all of our kids out to various homes so I could join Coach out of town when he was teaching a class for a weekend. This was back when Reg was about 5 or 6 years old. He ended up getting a stomach bug while we were gone and my friend had to deal with my kid puking all night. That was AWFUL.

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