C is for Chemistry

 It is Friday night of time change week and I am very tired. I have just eaten three tiny packages of Swedish Fish and I am going to go to bed and read. But first, Eve's anecdote from our Facetime tonight, which was right after her Chemistry midterm (on a Friday night, is that not just a tiny bit rude?)

She had done a practice test a couple of days ago, and for one question she was convinced her answer was right, but the electronic quiz said it was wrong. So she popped in on Zoom to the office hours right before the test to ask her T.A. about it. She sent a screenshot of the question and her answer, and the T.A. said "okay, so what were you thinking?" and Eve told her, and the T.A. squinted and said "yes, you're right, but... you clicked the other answer."

So Eve burst out laughing and felt like it was dumb of her to have gone to office hours. And then she went to her midterm and the VERY SAME QUESTION was on it, and because she had gone to the office hours she knew her original answer was right. 

Because I don't have any chemistry pictures, here is a photo of Eve and Angus on a giant tree branch at the Arboretum many years ago with their friends Neve and Claire in between them. Both Eve and I loved those tiny pink magenta pants with birds on them so much that she wore them constantly even thought they were, strictly speaking, pajamas.


StephLove said…
Always go to office hours.

If you can't wear pajamas in public when you're a toddler, when can you?
Ernie said…
This is so cute - both the anecdote and the photo. I love photos of my littles guys back in the day. So fun. I'd say I like photos of kids wearing pjs more than I like Chemistry.

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