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 I just remembered that I have at least one of the esteemed-and-beloved Nicole's blog posts to read and comment on, possibly more, which reminded me that I usually make myself blog before I read other people's blogs as my reward, which reminded me that oops, it's definitely been a while since I blogged, so I checked and... oof, nearly a month, what the heck? 

I think what happened is I kind of got in the habit of blogging on Thursdays (Nicole blogs on Mondays, her cheerful, lovely way of greeting the week, which is so fitting, and me blogging on Thursday as I crawl to the end of it, covered in bagel crumbs and bits of book tape, is also kind of appropriate), either in a Surly way or otherwise. Then the last two weeks of school got a little nutty, as they are susceptible to being, and then it was the summer which means I lose track entirely of what day it is. And also there's the probable-ADD thing, and my ever-prone-to-going walkabout memory, and, well, here we are on - *peers around for a calendar* - July 6th.

Hey, remember my sort-of-long-drawn-out boob-related saga? The whole thing was delayed by the tornado-ish weather event, and then finally my doctor's receptionist called and said we needed to make an appointment for her to give my results, and it was on my birthday, but it could be a phone appointment. Which led me to think that it must be good news, because what kind of monster would make a phone appointment to tell someone they have breast cancer on their birthday? And my doctor is decidedly not a monster. I literally read on Twitter about someone who found out they had cancer on their birthday just before the appointment, and if this was before Covid a phone appointment wouldn't have even been a thing, so that saved me a bit of spiraling. My doctor is also going on maternity leave again, which is one of those good news/bad news things (how wonderful! But shit! It's hard for doctors to take maternity leave, so good for you! But crap, I hate having to go to a different doctor! Did I mention I think I have ADD, and I've been working on addressing a long list of things since I turned fifty, and now she's leaving just as I was about to get to this one? Oh well, the last locum she had was really good, hopefully the new one will be too). 

Eve and I had a fantastic few days in Hamilton (not at Hamilton, which my friend Steph says she always thinks when I mention Hamilton, which is entirely fair, and in fact this Sunday we are going to SEE Hamilton, not visit Hamilton, so the confusion will be even more justified). We scoped out her room in her student house for next year, met two of the six other girls she'll be living with, dropped off stuff from home, picked up stuff we had left in Matt's brother's garage, visited our professor and her daughter and grandkids, I visited my brother in law and his lovely wife and children while Eve hung out with some university friends, and Eve did some work on her room while I ran errands. 

Friday morning before we headed to the house we went on an adventure to find a little bakery I had scoped out because my professor's daughter loves pie and we thought it would be nice to pick some up for dinner that night. It was a beautiful drive sort of out in the country, and at one point the next GPS direction was "take highway 52 to Copetown". I thought this would make a fantastic insult, and it is one of my enduring regrets that I didn't instruct Eve to get her camera out in time to get a picture of the sign so I could Tweet it back to racists and transphobes on Twitter who get a hair up their ass about other people being accorded basic human rights. "Pronouns chapping your butt? Try taking the Highway 52 to Copetown". (It's good that I amuse myself, right?)

When we got to the bakery I was backing into a parking spot and I spotted the guy parking beside me and thought he looked a little scary - I'm not sure I can articulate why. He was sort of thickset and hairy and looked a little glowery? Anyway, it was nothing but a passing subconscious observation. We got into the bakery and I heard him describing things to his companion and immediately revised my earlier estimation because he was sweet and earnest and possibly gay and lovely. After we bought our stuff and were leaving, he was also returning to his car and Eve said "I saw that guy and thought he was kind of menacing and then he was so cute - he said 'oh no, they're out of raspberry? Son of a BEEhive'", and then I burst out laughing because what are the odds we were thinking the same exact thing? Well, quite high actually, but funny that one of us said it out loud or we wouldn't have known.

Earlier in the hotel room was one of our other moments of week-end telepathy. I was in the bathroom and I said disconsolately, "I made sure to get Dad to give me a tape measure so we could see if you have room for a double bed and I put it somewhere and told myself to remember where but I don't." Eve said serenely, "I know where it is". I said something motherly like "shut up, you do not", and she said "Dad opened the little shoebox you put my glasses in and I saw it and thought 'I'd better remember that's where that is because Mom never will'". Hmph, but also, thank goodness.

Well crap, this is easy, why did I stop? Do you ever stop blogging and then can't figure out what you're supposed to blog about anymore? How am I? Well who cares, that's self-centered. But wait, it's my blog, it makes sense to blog about how I am. World events? Buggerfuck, that way lies madness. 

I should post some pictures. I'll do that tomorrow. Or Thursday. Wait, tomorrow IS Thursday? Sigh. How are you? It's my blog, I'm allowed to ask. 


Happy to get a post from you, I always enjoy reading what you have to say. And thanks for introducing me to Nicole's blog.
Anonymous said…
Just to be clear, the boobish report was OK? I have been a wee bit fretful on your behalf.
I think "Why don't you just take highway 52 to Copetown" is a very genteel way of saying F$#& off, and perhaps I will try it next time I have to talk to the staff of my very objectionable State Representative. Also, "Son of a BEEhive" is a great expression too.

Loved your story about the The Telepathy of the Bakery and the Tape Measure. Which leads me to ask - perhaps your daughter knows where my hat is? It's been missing since we got back from Boston.

I do hope that the boobish report is ok. That's concerning.
Son of a BEEhive
Both things I am going to incorporate into my life immediately.
I love how in tune you and Eve are! It's like you're sharing a brain.
That sucks about your doctor going on mat leave. This is one benefit of having a male doctor, which I have, which isn't usually my favourite thing, but in this one case, it's great.
Suzanne said…
Son of a beehive!!!! I need to find ways to work that into my phraseology.

Aslo, I wholeheartedly agree with this, at least in terms of blogging: "World events? Buggerfuck, that way lies madness." Give me your mother/child telepathy and your grocery store purchases and your garden photos and your stress about which bathing suit to choose!
Ernie said…
Ah, it's always great to see a post pop up on your blog. You never disappoint. Your bagel crumbs and book tape vs Nicole's bright outlook for the week . . . too funny. Love both equally.

I love the telepathy. Your visit to Hamilton sounds super fun, and I expect your viewing of Hamilton will also be amazing. I haven't seen it, but I've heard. Your plans with the Copetown sign make me want to arrange a way for me to drive by it and snap a photo for you. Son of a Beehive sounds safe to use in my daycare, thanks - one never knows when an alternate swear will come in handy when caring for toddlers, who are very delightful, until they aren't.
StephLove said…
That's nice she was able to access her room to set it up over the summer and it sounds like a fun visit. I like going to Ithaca to get a glimpse of Noah's life there, but, I don't get to go as often as I'd like, either because he takes the bus or Beth drives him and I stay home with North. I have been thinking about this as he's studying abroad next semester and there's only ONE semester left after that. Chances are I will only go once more, for graduation.
Pat Birnie said…
I live in the city next to Hamilton and drive past Copetown regularly on the way to my daughter’s place. So funny that I see the sign for Copetown all the time and have never thought anything of it- but now I will! I’m curious which bakery you were heading to? Hamilton is a very interesting city with some “diverse” neighbourhoods - around Mac is beautiful, a funky area near Locke Street, and of course some sketchy areas. It has really evolved over the past 20 years. Love your story about the rough looking guy - I have also pre-judged on appearance and been so wrong. We learn....
Shan said…
Fun fact, Copetown is the Hub of the Universe, according to the sign on your way into town. You just keep getting closer and closer to my place. We will have to do something about this!

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