Worry Checklist

 This is going back a couple of weeks because "time's lost all meaning" keeps climbing to new heights. But a couple of weeks ago, a few not-catastrophic but not-awesome things happened in quick succession:

I had a biopsy done on the mass in my breast. The doctor and nurse could not have been lovelier, everything was explained really well and the care was compassionate in the extreme. But I reacted badly to the tape over the gauze, so in addition to massive bruising and a small healing incision I had a couple of really painful lesions on my boob and the whole thing looked like it had been mauled.

My dad has been having a weird pain under his rib cage for going on two months now. He's had x-rays, ultrasounds, bloodwork and one really stupid physiotherapy appointment over the phone (who the fuck thought that was a good idea). The pain was worse again so I took him to my physiotherapist and talked to his doctor about getting him some pain relief, because "I don't want to prescribe anything when I don't know for sure what's causing the pain" is fine for a few days to a week, but at some point it doesn't matter what's causing the pain, you have to prescribe something to address the pain.

Lucy jumped down off of a couch, which she does dozens of times a day, and hurt her knee, which she's done once before, and got very weird and sad and didn't want to eat or be walked.

Matt had to go to Germany for work and we were idiots and weren't careful enough about isolating him when he got home, and he started coughing.

So for the space of a couple of days, I was:

Worried about my boob

Worried about my dad

Worried about my dog

Worried about my husband

And then we had some tornado-force winds blast through town in the middle of the long week-end and some people were powerless for a week or more. The last time this happened we were the last to have power back up, and this time we didn't lose power at all, so I felt extremely grateful, even though my husband gave me Covid while my boob was still healing.

I haven't heard back about the biopsy, likely because the power outage delayed everything. Trying to assume that no news is good news. The doctor doing the biopsy said that when they pulled the samples out the mass got smaller, which means it's probably just a cyst. 

The doctor prescribed a prescription-strength anti-inflammatory for my dad which helped, but because of his kidney function he can't take them long term, which sucks because they really helped. He seems to be getting very slowly better, it's just sort of scary and frustrating that we still don't really know what's going on or how to make sure it keeps moving in the right direction.

Lucy was weird and sad for about a week and we were careful with her and Eve only took her for very short walks, and she seems to be back to normal. Small dogs often do have knee problems, and she had already lost some weight, so there's not a whole lot we can do.

We didn't get as sick with Covid as some have. As long as I didn't do too much I didn't feel that bad, except for a brutal hacking cough, which is something I used to get at least once yearly before I got my CPAP anyway, due to chronically inflamed airways. 

So then I couldn't do anything about anything I was worried about for a few days, and a bunch of people didn't have power, and some major streets are still closed ten days later, and it all felt very surreal and I couldn't go to work so now I have no idea what day it is and I feel more out of step with the world than ever and I don't know if I'll ever feel normal again, but I didn't have to have Covid without lights or air conditioning so... grateful for that.

Before all that, the next thing I was going to blog about was meeting my sister and brother-in-law and niece in Elmira for Seniors Day. 

It wasn't a picture-perfect week-end. The university has lost its ball diamond over a dispute with the city and Angus was really upset about the conditions of the one they were playing at. We screwed up the hotel booking so my sister and her people showed up at our hotel room door at eleven p.m. when they arrived for a drink and we weren't there, while we were opening our hotel room door on an empty hallway. But we recovered and had a great day Saturday starting at Cracker Barrel, which my niece absolutely loves. I did get nervous waiting for them that they were walking into some other Cracker Barrel. I texted my niece but she didn't get it until we were all already sitting down:

Angus had a rough go pitching and they lost the first game. He shook it off and the team won the second game, and the Seniors Day ceremony was nice - they gave him an engraved bat and a travel jersey, a framed photo and a really nice card from the coach. 

Between games, Jody and Charlotte and I hit Target for hotel room booze.

Every time we go to Target I reserve the right to buy some junk food that we can't get in Canada. It's often - OFTEN - not very good, but that's really not the point. This time I bought a barrel of Ruffles with LeBron James on it and Lime and Jalapeno and Flamin' Hot Cheddar chips. Matt calls it my "ridiculous buckets of chips" and I am very happy with it.

Then we piled into the van to go over to the college for the team dinner. We brought some pictures from the Little League World Series and had a nice time with Angus, although we finished early because he had to be up at six for the bus to Albany for the next day's games.

Matt and I had gone back and forth on whether to go watch the last games of the season, but it would have been a nine-hour driving day minimum and we were already pretty tired from moving Eve home on Wednesday. We made our obligatory lunch stop at Hairy Tony's in Cortland and then followed the stats for the first game while driving home. They lost pretty badly, and then the stats went dead. We knew they had to win one game and Keuka College had to lose one of their games in order for Elmira to be in the playoffs, so we figured our chances were low. Turns out that in the second game they were down 13-1 and CAME BACK TO WIN, so Angus got his big last-game-pitching victory AND they were in the playoffs

AND Matt went to watch the playoff games and they got their FIRST EVER POST-SEASON WIN and beat St. John Fisher for the first time ever, the team that creamed them four times at Easter

AND Angus got the Sportsman of the Year 

AND the Elmira Booster Club Player of the Year Award at the Athletic Banquet.

So Matt got to see his last Elmira game after all (in which, let's be clear, they got absolutely creamed again, but after the one win it was okay). 

Whew. Writing all that made me feel a little better. Maybe I will have to blog myself normal again. You guys in? 


Wow, that's a lot!!!

I hope the boob news is good.

Sportsman of the year, fantastic!!

Time with family, it's the best, isn't it!!

Sorry about the Covid, glad you didn't lose power.

Keep bloggin!!
Nicole said…
Yay for Angus!!

I know this is not the point of the post but when I worked one summer as a beer sample girl, one of my jobs was with Jack Daniels, and I had to give samples of that Lynchburg Lemonade and other coolers, and they were not very good back then. Are they better now? Also the book I'm reading currently is the memoir of the woman who was CEO of PepsiCo and she talks about how they put out new flavours of chips and it's always a great marketing thing because people always want to try them. Reading it made me want chips. And snack mix!
Suzanne said…
Woo hoo! Congratulations, Angus!!!

That is a LOT of health woes. Like, a health woe palimpsest. Very glad that things seem to be improving, but geez Louise I hope you have a BREAK for awhile. Sending you healthy boob thoughts.
clara said…
It's the worst when everything piles up like that argle bargle. But chips do help. AMERICAN CHIPS WOOOOO.
Sending - spacious so as not to squish your sore boob - well, that and I'm several provinces away - hugs. Signed, this Wednesday June 1st.
StephLove said…
That's a lot of worries on that checklist. I hope some (all?) of them get crossed out soon.

Congrats to Angus on a great finish to the season and his college baseball career. Is this the end of baseball for him, or will he play over the summer?
Ernie said…
Goodness. This WAS a lot crammed into a small amount of time. I cracked up at the message that arrived after the niece arrived. "She's a clone." Too funny.

Hope the boob is recovering and in good health. So happy for the amazing care you received during the biopsy.

A big congrats to Angus and to you for raising a good sport. I'm not a bit surprised.

Feel free to blog yourself thru whatever comes your way. I'm here for it. Always happy to see a new post from you.
Busy Bee Suz said…
A huge congratulations to Angus; what a wonderful athlete he is!

Woman, you've been through it lately. It's really too much for one person and I'm sorry for it all. Praying your biopsy comes back as nothing and that your Dad feels better soon.
Lynn said…
Wow, so much up, and so much down! Hope everyone is recovering and you are healing and things are getting back to normal!

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