In the Bleak(ish) Mid-Holiday-Season

 Not that I think anyone is going to bake the cookies from the recipe I linked to in the last post (oh crap, HI HELEN, hope you see this in time) but just in case anyone is, here's a PSA regarding something I remembered halfway through baking a couple of nights ago: choose a small-ish cookie cutter for this cookie, and roll out the dough quite thinly. I neglected to do either of these things the first time I made them, and the resulting first few cookies were terrifying - no one wants a hamburger-sized cookie coming at your face.

I was baking last night and trying to get the main floor clean enough to host book club today and my foot hurt and my arm hurt and my joints hurt and my back hurt and I had this wave of dispiritedness and thought that I can't keep doing this, or shouldn't, it's stupid to keep breaking myself. The salted toffee pretzel bark is probably the biggest hit of anything I make and it's the easiest thing. I should just make eight pans of bark next year and call it done. 

I didn't have the best sleep, but this morning I got up and took some Advil and moved slowly, and Angus got home about a half hour before book club people were due to show up. We weren't sure when he could get here because he found a place to get a free Covid test to come into Canada, but they said results would take two to five days, and he needed them within three to get across. Matt was annoyed - he quoted his Chinese colleague who once said "why you use Skype free version - free equals shitty!" I appreciated that Angus was trying to save us money but I kind of wished he'd just thrown money at the problem. Things improved when we realized he could just drive to the house of a friend who lives right across the border in Canton NY and hang there waiting for his results - they're really nice people who like having him. Then he did get his results last night and drove him this morning, so now he looks like a frugal genius.

So that was happy-making, and then we had book club and it was really nice - I kept panicking the last few days that I had forgotten to read the book, but there was no book, it was just a get-together. We exchanged Christmas cards with tiny things in them and I got two new tree ornaments that I love, and it felt kind of normal, and was very nice. 

Hugs and empathy to anyone who is running themselves into the ground trying to give their family a magazine-worthy Christmas. Anyone who isn't, teach us all your wise ways. 


Nicole said…
Choke-laughed at "hamburger sized cookie."

If that toffee pretzel thing is what I think it is, I agree that you should make like eight pans and call it a day.

Do what you can and let the rest go is the best mantra for this time of year! xo
StephLove said…
I'm glad Angus found his way home. Noah will be here Thursday night and that's making me happy.

We often make three or fourl kinds of cookies, and candy, too, but I am trying to prioritize, not because of stress but because of sugar. Gingerbread will make the cut, and these chocolate-peppermint cookies North likes to make, but other than that, I'm not sure. No baking has happened yet. I think we start next weekend.
Helen Abbott said…
My kids are having trouble understanding why a hamburger-sized cookie would be an issue... but thanks for the timely tip! The cookies have not yet been made!
Here's what you have to do: When you're at your most tiredest this holiday season, create a calendar reminder for next year in early December, telling yourself what to do next year, and why. Here's the one I created two years ago, and it made me and Joelle laugh out loud both last year and this year. Last year Joelle read it out loud at the top of her lungs and I laughed till I cried. But it worked last year. The jury is still out for this year.

Sunday, 5 December
Annually on December 5
Cooking for several hours with two other people who have strong opinions about how things should be done is NOT FUN. Think about making something easy. Joelle suggests cinnamon buns for dinner. You will dread this day beforehand, hate the day as it unfolds, and regret the day when it's over.
Ally Bean said…
Here's my theory about Christmas, it arrives regardless of what you do, SO I only do what I want, a few things, then if anything else happens it's extra goodness. Less is more when it comes to holiday celebrations! 🤷‍♀️
Tudor said…
I love that Pharmacy Meds Online has crashed your comments. It's like they *knew* we all needed them.
Ernie said…
I hosted a very similar book club ninus the book Christmas party and it was a really nice time . . . even though we still didn't have a tree up. My hamstring tendinopathy makes my back hurt like hell if I'm my feet for very long. Literally a pain in my ass . . . which impacts my back too. I do love a reason to make my house look lovely and clean. It doesn't last long though, so I am not raising my hand for the magazine worthy Christmas. Mini did point out that Curly is only 13 and therefore I should have had hot chocolate available for her after we bought our tree. I refused to best myself up for that.

My family would also be all about hamburger size cookies.

Love that Angus has a just-over-the-border friend and that that worked out for him.

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