NaBloPoMo Day 25: Driving, Daughter, Diverting Discussion

Yesterday I set out for a drive I’ve done many times, several of them in the past three months. I felt unaccountably anxious this time. I asked for good thoughts on Facebook and drove a little more slowly than usual. I stopped at the third rest stop (I usually stop at the second one. I don’t really know why. I felt slightly superstitious about changing the routine. I tried to convince my loopy sense of superstition that it was GOOD to change the routine, which makes no sense either). I checked my phone and had multiple kind responses to my good thoughts request and I felt better. I ate my hamburger while driving without spilling ketchup on my white t-shirt, which was also a positive. 

I had been planning to stay alone at the hotel last night and see Eve today because she had school work to finish. She called when I was about an hour away and said screw that, she was coming to have a sleepover at the hotel. So I picked her up and we watched the season three finale of Rupaul’s Drag Race UK and it was sublime. 

Because this is short, I am also bestowing on you one of the exchanges from a running WhatsApp chat with our friend group. My friends are smart and weird and awesome and I present this without permission (and probably won’t get forgiveness. I like to live dangerously (refer back to the hamburger/white t-shirt situation).)


Nicole said…
Well, now I will be forever wondering what people are thinking when I turn my head towards them - aggressive or ominous. Eep.
Ernie said…
I'm guaranteed to drop some form of food on myself if I eat while driving. You are so talented. The head turning thought process is definitely something I've never considered. Twisting your own head off seems unadvisable.
StephLove said…
That's some moxie, eating food with ketchup in the car in a white shirt. Beth does not like to lend me clothes because I am apt to get ketchup (or something else) on them even while stationary.

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