NaBloPoMo Day 7: Time Change Edition

It was the time change. I don't like the time change. My head hurts and I feel too out of sorts to actually talk about why and how I dislike the time change. This time of year I always remember having little kids, and in the fall and winter it would be dark at 4:30 p.m. and Matt wouldn't be home yet and everyone would be squirrelly and I would feel so claustrophobic in the house have to turn on all the lights and it was terrible. 

I don't have little kids anymore, so that's not as hard, but I just realized that the new light fixture I bought for the kitchen might be a problem. We've had the original, fairly tacky fixture since we moved in here, and I finally decided to try something different and got around to actually buying something. I like it, but Matt warned me from the beginning that it would be significantly less bright than the old one. I said that was okay because I usually use my computer at the table so I shouldn't need a bright light. But now it's Daylight Saving Time and it's very dark at five and I have the impulse to light up the whole house and I might need a brighter light in the kitchen. The good news is I got the new fixture at IKEA and it was inexpensive. 

I'm not sure I posted pictures of when we repainted during our big family painting mission during the first lockdown. I suck at taking good house pictures, so these are not great. 

First colour we painted, original fixture

New colour, matching daughter

New fixture

I had a really nice dinner with my parents tonight. I left with Lucy and drove most of the way home (not very far away, fortunately) and realized my phone was in my bra, which meant I hadn't put it in my purse, which meant I had probably forgotten my purse. I went back to get it, feeling like a dork (blame the time change). Then I felt slightly better because my mom helpfully turned on the outside light for me to leave again, but then she closed the door and locked it and turned off the outside light while I was still on the stairs, as if she had forgotten I was there as soon as the door closed. Which I get - time change is hard. 


Change the light bulb, not the fixture. Get a 100 watt equivalent LED Edison light bulb. That should provide plenty of brightness.
I was going to say what Susan said!!

Well, you know how I feel about time change. NO. We had a vote here about stopping time change and it was voted down and now I have to leave the province because everyone has disappointed me so. WE HAD A CHANCE! WE SQUANDERED IT!
StephLove said…
You're right. It's not the torture it was with small kids, but I went to bed on the new time and woke up on the old time, so I am tired, tired, tired. And this is supposed to be the easy one!
Ernie said…
I always feel SO dumb when I leave my purse somewhere. Like, what am I? Ten years old or something. Haven't I been carrying a purse forever? Don't I have money in there? I left it at church once, which I guess is a good place to leave it because one would hope that people would be honest enough not to steal it. Plus I had the excuse of carrying a gaggle of kids and babies out of the building. Still, it is a dumb feeling.

I like the new light fixture and I hope the lightbulb suggestion would work. We had the opposite problem when we redid out kitchen. We put in a fixture that could accidentally blind someone. We added a dimmer switch and the problem has been resolved. I totally prefer a bright room, but God help the child that accidentally puts the dimmer all the way up.

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