NaBloPoMo Day 29: Eve's Residence Room Christmassed


The good part is I bought a couple of new things for her room and also brought her some stuff from home, and I remembered everything I wanted to bring and she loves it. The bad part is that I went through all the boxes the night before I was leaving looking for the tiny Christmas tree she always puts on her desk, and I was tired and sweaty and hurting my back and just as I opened the box and saw it..... I remembered that I bought her a three-foot pre-lit tree at Giant Tiger because I thought she probably had more floor space than surface space in her room, and she agreed. D'oh. 


Ernie said…
Very festive and cute. Love the light up snowman with the tree statue. I can't believe she has floor space for her own tiny tree. Nothing like remembering everything. I can't recall when that last happened for me. (get it?)
Nicole said…
Oh, I love it! So festive! The little snowman is adorable.
Sonia said…
Love it!!!

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