Into every NaPoMo a Little Blo Must Fall

 I've got nothing much tonight. I'm tired and having a pain flare and feeling a tiny bit of self-pity  - only a bit, because I had dinner with Jody (HI JODY) and her sort-of step-mother-in-law (HI B.T.), both of whom I adore, and we ordered breaded cauliflower bites and most of them looked like little Accidental Dongs (dammit Jody, why didn't you tell me to take a picture?) so we could literally say "eat a bowl of dicks" and then do it and they were delicious. My husband is due home late tonight after ten days, so Lucy might stop crapping on the stairs every night in protest, and I won't have to deliver her to my parents' place for babysitting before I go limp around the school all day. It will still be Darkest November and it's supposed to rain all day, but -- no, I've got nothing for that, that sucks. 

Let's all regroup and meet back here tomorrow, okay? In the meantime, have a.... picture of Eve's friend Alison with her headless but sharp-dressing boyfriend. 

And some dictionaries that I catalogued.


Ernie said…
No photo necessary, you give a decent visual. Sounds super fun, honestly. Sorry about the flareup. Oh, Lucy. Pooping on the stairs in protest? I thought you weren't that sort of pet. We all have our shortcomings though. That ten days seemed fast over here, but then I haven't been cleaning up poop . . . well, I have but that's because I didn't get a college degree that I love and babysitting is my job.
Nicole said…
Mmmmmm, dick-shaped cauliflower bites.
Jody said…
I'm so mad at myself that I missed seeing this last week! The accidental dongs were indeed delicious and we should go get some more sometime soon. Also, HI ALLISON.

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