Eve and Davis and Jackson Being Adorable at the Pumpkin Patch

Two years ago Eve and her friends asked me to drive them to the pumpkin patch and do a photo shoot. 

Davis's yearly "I'm so naughty" pic


We kicked a woman off this bench for a photo op. No regrets.

Facetiming in Alison and Marianna who couldn't make it home from Toronto and Vancouver

Pumpkin Painting

Mountain Dew taste test, because we saw it at the grocery store and I realized I hadn't had any since I was about five. It's a disturbing colour but it tastes pretty good.

Jackson's pumpkins (gourds). Yes, they are what you think they are. Yes, he painted a pumpkin a slightly different shade of orange.

Davis's pumpkins

Eve's pumpkins

Watching Drag Race


Nicole said…
I feel like Eve's style would be similar to yours at that age - the boots with the dress? I love it. I used to wear boots (not Docs, I didn't have them, they were too expensive!) but army-style boots with babydoll dresses. It was SUCH a fun look! I feel like you wore that too - am I right?
Ernie said…
This is so fun. My kids stopped allowing me to hang with them and conduct photo shoots forever ago. Well Curly let me take a pic of she and her friends on Halloween.

I love Eve's outfit. Very Laura Ingalls with pizzazz.
StephLove said…
It must have been sweet watch for them to hang out together again. I get so fond of my kids' friends, especially the long-term ones.

Mountain Dew used to be Beth's go-to soda in college and her 20 & 30s, but she can't handle caffeine any more, even in pretty small amounts.
Swistle said…
I can tell just looking at them that they are the BEST. I would adopt them all in a heartbeat.

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