DEAR GOD is it only November FIFTH?

 When I decided to pick up a month of several early-morning office shifts, I thought to myself "that's okay, I know I'm not sleeping well right now so I'll just make sure I don't plan to do a lot after work". Then I somehow ended up going out every frigging night this week. I went to bar night, I went to see a movie, I went shopping with Jody (was supposed to be a 'private' shopping event at Indigo for members of their loyalty program, but we got there and people were lined up all along the sidewalk and we were like hell no, and went to HomeSense - literally four days after I said Nicole's Tiny Secret Festive Season was too early for me I binge-bought a bunch of Christmas shit and weird snacks and fancy discount English soap and had an absolute blast living my best White Woman's Instagram life.) I did something on Monday that I can't even remember because it feels like it was four years ago.

Work was good this week. Everything else was good this week. I am so tired I could lie down on this table and go to sleep. I felt like I started NaBloPoMo strong out of the gate but now I'm gassed and I'm literally only FIVE DAYS IN.

I saw Last Night in Soho. I really liked the first three quarters. The end was a bit of a mess, not in a way that wrecked the whole thing, but it's pretty far down on my list of favourite Edgar Wright movies (Shaun of the Dead all day long, baby). Hey, should I do a post about my favourite horror movies? Does anyone but me actually like scary movies? If not could you just lie so I can get another post out of it? Anyway, Soho was fun to look at. Thomasin McKenzie is a good actress, but her voice is very high, which I found a little grating now and then. And I've realized that my tolerance for people in horror movies having visions which cause them to freak out in public and scream and run away and freak everyone out has lowered considerably. It's either an overused trope or I am just cranky.

I want someone to get me this for Christmas. 

Five! Five blog posts, mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha



Swistle said…
When Nicole was saying she was starting her tiny early secret festivities, I was like "I AM RIGHT THERE WITH YOU BABY, EARLY CHRISTMAS FTW!"---and then, like, one week later it feels like I am ALMOST TOO LATE for Christmas stuff, rather than too early!!
Nicole said…
Yasssss it's all about the Tiny Secret Festive Season, baby!!!
Ernie said…
Not sure anything can top Shaun of the Dead . . . ever. I so love that movie. When we get to the point when we realize the next youngest kid was too young to watch it when we watched it with the older kids, I do a little celebration because I get to watch it with someone for the first time and enjoy their reactions to all the good parts.

I've heard so much about how it is going to be hard to get stuff for Christmas and that's not really motivating me. My kids need nothing, at least nothing much, and part of me is like can we just all do something nice together or write down our favorite family memories and share them . . . then I think of what would become of me if I suggested that to my people and I laugh.

Get some sleep. You've got this. I'm here for all of it. Love the avocado towels, BTW. Hilarious.

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