Surly Thursday, Midsummer Edition

 I just posted yesterday, but I just realized it's Thursday (it is Thursday, right? Time has lost all meaning), and I just now saw something else that made me angry and realized that I have been VERY ANGRY this week, so maybe this is a good way to siphon off some of that rage.

Of course, now that I've sat down to do that, I can't think of any of the things that have been making me angry, which pisses me off. Okay, good, that's one.

Front and center, naturally, is the anti-vaxxers. I might actually just have to give up Twitter AND Facebook for a while because I go on intending to ignore them but I always seem to see something - so smug, so cement-headed, so proudly, obnoxiously STUPID - and I want to smash something. Someone actually said that the Delta variant cases are high somewhere where a lot of people are vaccinated and said he was pretty sure it was the vaccines causing the mutation. Yeah, that's why we have all kinds of mutant strains of measles and polio floating around the world, right? FUCK OFF.

I went to Indigo to get a birthday gift, and for the first time ever ended up with a bitchy cashier. I was asking for a gift receipt for everything except two things, and the first time I said "the Tru Earth" and she didn't understand what I meant, which is fine, but then I said "that, in your hand" and she snapped "what that? How am I supposed to know what 'that' is?" which, hold up bitch, I called it by its ACTUAL NAME and you didn't get that either, so what are my options?" Not doing a capital-letter fuck off for her because working retail sucks and she might have had her reasons, but it was unpleasant.

Dumb car drivers. Dumb grocery cart drivers, who park their cart in the dead middle of the aisle while perusing pickles - there are fucking ARROWS right now, it's not like we can turn around and go down another aisle to get around you. 

Someone posted this video on Facebook the other night of a recipe - I don't know if this link will work. It starts with a glass pan with chicken breasts in it, and then they dump in cream cheese and an egg and lemon juice and spices and mix it ham-handedly, almost flipping the chicken out of the pan, rather than mixing the other ingredients in a bowl first and adding it to the chicken. I was INCANDESCENT with fury. I felt like I was watching a war crime perpetrated against chicken. I was very aware that this indicates that I am not well. 

I am vexed that I can't own In the Heights right now. I watched it as many times as was mathematically possible in the 48-hour rental period, and I probably should not spend another 25 dollars to do the same, but I want to. 

I am idiotically replying to way too many assholes on Facebook right now. It's like I can't stop myself, even when I know it's useless and I'm becoming annoying even to myself. I stopped doing it on Twitter, because for some reason on Facebook I can stick to my rule of never swearing at anyone, and staying restrained and polite even while telling someone they're a dull-witted doorknob who adds nothing of value to the human race. On Twitter I just end up saying 'fuck' a lot until I eventually black out from impotent wrath or get my account restricted again.

Okay. Deep breath. Do I feel a little calmer? Perhaps. Maybe the next time some dude on Facebook says "try rereading his statement" as if I disagreed with it only because I CAN'T FUCKING READ is the correct conclusion I won't throw my computer across the room after using seventeen synonyms for asshole. 

I can't find a good picture to go with this post, and if I post without one the default is a seasonally-inappropriate Christmas one that Facebook always picks. Now I'm mad again.

Eve is tired of everyone's bullshit too. Shit, this picture is still seasonally inappropriate. Goddammit.


StephLove said…
I'm sorry life is so vexing. What's vexing me now is having to leave the beach house I should be packing up right now instead of commenting on your blog. Off to do that...

p.s. Don't bother with assholes on FB if you can manage it. The chance of a good outcome is small.
Swistle said…
"Try re-reading his statement" is absolutely sending me off a cliff and into the raging sea. So tempting to go "*carefully re-reading* Yep, still stupid and wrong! In fact, I have found an additional error!"

The interaction with the cashier would join my lie-awake-reliving-it club. I HATE stuff like that. I want to show the cashier a little tape of the interaction and ask her the question about what was your option there.

My least favorite shopping cart thing recently is when someone parks the cart in the "right lane" and then stands in the "left lane." WHY. It's as if they think they are neatly parking the cart out of the way! But then...they put THEMSELVES in the way! They are MORE in the way!!
Ernie said…
I just HAD to read the recipe paragraph aloud to Mini. We were doubled over. I've told Mini that you make me laugh so hard, now she understands why. "Crime against chicken." Oh my gosh.
Tudor said…
I'm more unreasonable than you, because my grocery store has removed all the arrows, yet whenever I encounter someone coming the "wrong" way down an aisle, I seethe with resentment that they should somehow know this aisle used to be one-way and they're going the wrong way.
Ms. G said…
Any day is an appropriate say to be surly. It's a Mad World darlin. Hang in there!
I never had facebook but 2 out of 3 of my daughters have nixed it and are very happy with the decision. My middle mentioned it's great to find out who real friends are because she was amazed at how many she ceased to exist for when she left. Her new hobby is surly reviews on google, so if you want to sic her on Indigo chick, let me know : )

I'm not at my blog much. Obviously. Which is why I just discovered your visit in May. Cause I suck. It's usually when I'm carrying something around in my head and need to set it down somewhere. Not a whole lot happening in there these days for most part. But yeah, babies!!

Good Lord, Eve's a young woman! Where the hell have I been?
Nicole said…
I want to watch In The Heights but I’m waiting until it’s free on…Netflix? Disney? Wherever it is. Hashtag: Scottish?

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