So Something Really Cool Happened

 So in this post, this woman named Shawna followed a link to my blog from Swistle's (everyone knows Swistle, right? If not, absolutely just ditch my blog right now and go to Swistle's if you haven't, she's awesome, big, big fan). And then was surprised and amused to find out that we live in the same Ottawa suburb. That was cool.

So on Tuesday I went to the chiropractor and then got groceries. I was grumpy. I was wearing a cloth mask after weeks of wearing nothing but medical ones because my chiropractor is fully vaccinated and I wasn't going to be close to anyone else and I like the smell of the dish soap I boil the cloth masks in and I hate the smell of the medical masks, but everything still smelled bad and I hadn't slept well and we're in lockdown and all I want to do is sleep but I do it badly, and you know the drill. Anyway, I got my groceries and I was loading them into my car, probably wearing a textbook example of Resting Bitch Face, and from the car parked RIGHT NEXT TO ME, I heard a woman's voice say "hey, do you write a blog?" 

IT WAS SHAWNA, YOU GUYS, parked RIGHT THE FUCK NEXT TO ME AT LOBLAWS. I said we should go buy a lottery ticket, and we took off our masks and had a conversation from two car widths apart which was awesome because the conversations I've had with people I'm not directly related too are few and far between right now. She's a really good photographer which I know because I Facebook-stalked her, which is okay because that's how she recognized me. Nothing like a cosmic coincidence to torpedo a massive grump-fest.

So up until Covid, I was the one who walked Lucy the majority of the time, other than my mom who walked her whenever they dog-sat while I was working (not really necessary at all given the hours I work, but both my parents and the dog enjoy it, and it gives me an excuse for frequent quick visits). Eve would walk her once a week-end or after school if I expressly asked her to, and Matt almost never. This made sense - I'm the one who's here the most, I'm usually the least busy, and I'd usually walked her before Eve got home from school. When we went into lockdown the first time last March, Eve quickly made walking Lucy a part of her daily routine most days, because even when they started online learning it ended early in the afternoon, so she would have lunch, go for a walk and then do homework. Matt would take her once in a while if I told him he should, mostly to get him out of the house because he was in the basement sometimes from seven to seven and it seemed unhealthy.

This worked out for the most part, but the new wrinkle became that if I came downstairs in anything resembling walking clothes, Lucy started refusing to go with Eve. This is both hilarious and infuriating - she loves walks, but she apparently she loves me slightly more. Eve would drag her for a few metres and then come back enraged and I would have to go for a short walk with them before going on the treadmill or doing errands or whatever I was planning. 

Today I was actually going to walk her, but I was doing some kitchen stuff first, and Matt decided he was going to. I said fine, I would drive somewhere and get in a good trail walk (I take Lucy on these sometimes, sometimes I go along because she's annoying and my shoulder gets sore from the leash). Then I said "oh shit, she's seen me, she might not go with you." He said confidently that she would go with him. I thought maybe she would. I'm totally the alpha bitch, Matt is an authority figure, and Eve is just like her other-dog sister or something. 

I went in the bathroom to brush my teeth. I heard them come back in. Matt said "she won't go with me.

I had to walk my husband AND my dog.

On our walk, we passed a tree with a bunch of loud birds in it. Matt noticed that a bunch of grackles seemed to be harassing a crow. The grackles were vocalizing loudly and following the crow around. We walked a little further and found a dead baby bird in the street and realized the crow had found the nest and the grackles were congregating to drive the crow away. The crow came back for the dead bird and the grackles started dive-bombing it. We were transfixed - it was heartbreaking and fascinating all at once. I said "well, it's only one crow. What's a group of grackles called?" I looked it up when we got home. It's a plague. Bit on the nose, if you ask me.

So things still kind of suck, we have no idea when lockdown will end, I still can't fall asleep before four which means getting up before noon is torture, my one work project is over and now I'm not sure what to do because librarianing at home is just kind of pathetic. But I met a new friend and went for a walk and had ringside seats to a nature documentary. And we just got home and it just started raining. Taking the little wins where I can find them. 


Swistle said…
That is SUCH a fun blogger meet-up story!

And the photo of the dog refusing to go with your husband is great.
StephLove said…
That is a cool coincidence. Maybe sometime you and I will manage to meet up near the boys' colleges. We have another year to make it work.

It sounds like Lucy is very good at getting what she wants.
Ernie said…
How very fun - the meeting of the blog friend, not the divebombing birds, but I get that watching nature happen right in front of you is cool too. I think Lucy is hilarious and I love how you describe Eve as her dog sister or something. It's killing me that she only wants you to walk her. When I handed a baby I sit for over to her mom at pickup time, the baby lunged for me. Like, she wanted to come back to me when her mom was standing right there. I was confused. I'm a good sitter, but not THAT good. I assured the mom it was because she was wearing a hat. Awkward. I guess that baby is my Lucy.
That is so cool, and did you feel like a celebrity? SOMEONE RECOGNIZED YOU!!! Like, hello to the paparazzi! Also, what are the CHANCES she would be parked right next to you?

Barkley will walk down the street with the boys but if I'm not with him, he will turn to go home. He MIGHT walk with R but it's sketchy. Mostly it's me. I AM THE ALPHA BITCH TOO, SISTERS.
Suz said…
What are the freaking chances of you two meeting up? Wait, now I'm wondering if she's been secretly stalking you, and perhaps she's a serial killer.
But, hey, it was fun while it lasted, right?

I don't know if my dogs have any idea what I'm wearing. I could be in a wedding gown and they'd still think it's Tuesday.

I too am fascinated watching nature even when it's not so pretty.
Tudor said…
My Welsh in-laws have a Jack Russell called Lottie and she is very cute. The last time we were in Wales, the four of us (me, husband, kids) were going to the beach while my in-laws stayed home and, of course, everyone thought Lottie should definitely come to the beach, because Jack Russell, endless energy, beach.

Lottie did not like the idea at all. Leaving my mother-in-law is very distressing to her. However, she's small, and can be lifted into the car against her will, so she came with us.

Goodness knows what went through her head, but it seems like she decided she'd better have a back-up human, and she'd better choose wisely, so she completely latched onto me (woman authority figure?).

She sat on my lap in the car, would only walk with me on the beach, and nearly - truly, I'm not joking - strangled herself trying to get to me when I went to the bathroom without her and one of the kids held the leash.

I feel like this is small dog behaviour. Also, maybe, female small dog behaviour? Anyway, it's not subtle AT ALL. They definitely pick favourites. Or, perhaps, quickly assess the person most likely to feed them ...
Shawna said…
I still can't get over that we were parked next to each other. I mean, sure, if we were actually in the store at the same time that would have been odd enough, but to be parked next to each other in the parking lot AND getting back to our cars at the same moment?!? Freaky!!!

I promise I did not secretly stalk you as Suz suggested!

My husband hates walking our dog because she only wants to walk with me, but I keep insisting that he and the kids keep trying because giving in will only reinforce the behaviour and besides, they need exercise too!

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