I had a weird day yesterday - went to my regular gig in the morning then got called to go over to my Wednesday school for the afternoon because the other library tech was out sick. Teachers at both place said thoughtless things that made me disproportionately angry. The weather was nice but I could feel that I'm entering that weeks-long period in spring(ish) or fall when I'm just hot all the time and in order not to die I have to underdress for the weather and steel myself against everyone and their dog saying "but aren't you COLD?"

Anyway. Will save that for Thursday. Saturday was super fun - my lovely neighbour invited Eve and I to share her box seats (from work) for a Lumineers concert with her and daughter. Eve and Victoria were born one week apart (Victoria came a little late, Eve came a little early) and used to be constantly in and out of both our houses with paints and sidewalk chalk and Barbies (I used to write down their hilarious conversations: "Okay, we both have Barbies. Wait, don't you want a boyfriend? No? Well, too bad you're going to miss out on all the love!": "'Mom, I love swimming!' "Well duh, we're mermaids.'"). They're seventeen now and go to different schools and have different extracurriculars, but they pick up where they left off really nicely.

We did the thing we always do at Bluesfest, which is look at the lineup, vow that we will look up all the artists and listen to their music if we don't know them or their newer music if we do, and then... don't. J.S. Ondara was the opener for the opener. He has a really great voice, but many of the songs sounded the same - a string section and his distinctive voice over top, but often not enough over the top. I feel like a voice like that should have minimal accompaniment, and he needs to vary his songwriting a little (I'm sure my opinion matters a huge deal against that of Rolling Stone, thank you for coming to my Ted Talk). Mt. Joy was the opener - I liked their sound and they played well, but other than the first song I found the instruments overwhelmed the vocals again, which is a common issue for me. I don't really understand why bands do this - it might be just that I'm too old, but I feel like I've always felt like this, and Eve says the same thing.

I adore the Lumineers. Eve and I saw them at Bluesfest and I saw them in the same venue as Saturday a few years ago in the extreme nosebleed section. It doesn't matter if I know the words, it doesn't matter if I can tell what they're singing about, I love their sound and I can listen to it for hours. Their instruments can get loud, but they never seem to overpower the singing. The piano guy wasn't wearing any shoes. They seemed to just be having the best time. They brought both opening bands on stage with them to sing a Leonard Cohen song - I love when this happens at concerts, it has such a feeling of camaraderie and joy. Also, J.S. Ondara's white poncho was really nice.

Next Sunday is Cats in our Broadway Across Canada subscription. It's the one they sneak in there that we didn't really want but have to take if we wanted Waitress and Rent and Hamilton, and we really, really did. We've gone back and forth on whether to actually go, but we've decided that if we see it we can then mock it from a position of authority.

There. I've successfully distracted myself from panicking about the fact that I've been feeling vaguely like we're in the early stages of a Stephen King movie. Going to go wash my hands now, and strongly suggest you do the same.


"If your hands aren't cracked and catching on your clothes by the end of the day, you're not washing them enough" - something I actually said today. I mean, yes, lotion, but I never bother during the day because I don't like getting it stuck in my rings, which is why my hands look like I'm 90.
Busy Bee Suz said…
I love the Lumineers as well; glad to hear that the show was enjoyable.
We went to a concert a few years ago at a small venue and we were close to the speakers; I could not hear for a few days. We're going again next weekend and I hope to remember some earplugs. So, yeah, we're all getting older.

Sorry about the teachers who aren't very nice. Grrrr....why can't we all be kind? Also, are you having hot flashes or just hot all the time? I get the flashes here and there (when I'm not bleeding to death) and I find that taking Dong Quai Root helps quite a bit; all-natural supplement.

I've never seen Cats. The show, not real cats. I hope it's better than you expect.
StephLove said…
We're supposed to go to a Billie Eilish concert next week if it's not cancelled, early birthday present for North, but Beth keeps checking to see if it's cancelled.

The IC parents' FB group is almost nothing now but speculation about whether IC will stay open after break, arguments about why it should and why it shouldn't. Our local school district keeps on sending out announcements that school IS open, as if the default position would be closed. It's enough to give you a feeling of constant, low-level dread.

Oh, and Noah's sick. No fever and no cough, but still...
Ernie said…
I love the Lumineers. I find it super fun that the piano guy took off his shoes - ya know what isn't fun? When a really bazaar dude shows up to our writers group for the first time on Monday night at the nearby library and TAKES OFF HIS shoes. His intro of himself (for normal breed of people this takes under 30 seconds: name, what I like to write, how long I have attended this group) took over 7 minutes and only stopped when an old times (gotta love Larry!) told him that it was time for people to read their stuff.

Oh how lucky for Eve to have a neighbor girl to hang with growing up and now. We switched kids out of Catholic school after Mini finished 2nd grade because we don't print our own currency - sigh. She and her BFF still got together off and on for a while. We didn't move away after all, but out of sight out of mind. After awhile they just stopped hanging out. They are now both in the same high school and picked up right where they left off. I thank my lucky stars daily that Mini has such a great group of girls. No girl drama. Just lots of laughs. When I uncover a photo of her and BFF from way back, I text it to her at school.

Ha! Yes, the Stephen King novel - so weird. My kid is on a plane as I type this - coming home from college. Hello, he goes to school in New Rochelle - highest concentration of the virus in all of the US. Yikes. Curly this morning before school: So, can we hug him when he comes home? Mini not feeling quite as warm and fuzzy: Are you gonna let him in the house?

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