New Post, With Ninety-Five Percent Less Porn

Although I did just get this notification from the library:

IT'S A MYSTERY, I swear!

I keep seeing people talking about how important keeping to a healthy routine is during all this. Exercise daily, eat at the same time, go to bed and wake up at the same time, etc. etc. I tried that and I felt like absolute shit. It just made me realize that much more how fucked up everything is. So that's great if that's what works for you. I started feeling better when I said fuck the routine. Start reading a book at midnight, finish at 6 a.m. and sleep until noon? Why the hell not? Cook eight things in one day so I don't have to make dinner every single goddamned night? Sounds good to me! (Eve said Matt came up and confided that he thought I'd gone slightly loony the other night when I was making three kinds of chicken, pulled pork, a vegetable stir fry and taco meat and biscuits. WHO'S THE LOON NOW, HONEY? (Still me, but we have lots of food, so...)

My arm has been agony and the chiropractor and physio place are closed, of course, so sleeping was rough along with everything else and I was feeling pretty disheartened. I've been trying not to overdo it on painkillers, which I finally realized was stupid because the whole point of them is to, like, kill the pain, so I took a hefty dose of codeine yesterday and what do you know, much less pain. I can't do that every day because it kills my stomach, but at least I know when I need a break from the pain I can get one. My hands have mostly gone down to their normal size and stopped buzzing too.

I just found out that one of the teachers at my school doesn't drive so I have offered to pick up groceries for her, which will finally make me feel like I have a use other than feeding my family and not going outside. Angus is home two weeks today and we're all symptom-free, which is good because we can get our own groceries now. On the other hand, if we'd gotten it and gotten better we would no longer be so worried about getting it. 

I'm going to go for a walk now (just because I feel like it, not because it's part of my routine! I am a three-year-old). Hope everyone is doing as well as possible under the circumstances. 


Ernie said…
I love the 'I'm a three year old' line - awesome. No one has recommended to me the need to stick to a routine. I am kind of doing it but not on purpose. I have slept crazy late a few times. Huge celebrations there because I do not EVER do that. I do like NOT having to babysit, so I have little panic attacks about whether or not I am going to get enough stuff done while on this odd break. Also I shutter to think of going back to a schedule if I veer to far off of one. I did like sewing masks in order to feel helpful. Every once in a while it just hits me: this is just NUTS. Oh, and I totally like to mass produce meals and then not have to cook for awhile. Great minds . . .
Nicole said…
I think it's all about what works for you - we are all different. For me, the routine is what is keeping me going and sane, as I feel slightly more in control.
StephLove said…
I hope your arm feels better.

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