Well, it's Friday

If it hasn't become apparent because you are less obsessed with the minutiae of my life than I like to imagine my loyal blog-readers are, I am indeed attempting to blog every day in November, although the official NaBloPoMo has, I believe, gone the way of the dodo. I have done it every year since my first year blogging, which I just now realized is exactly ten years ago, and it would feel wrong not to at least take a stab at it. I think I only missed a few days last year when we were in Mexico and I couldn't get anything to post, but my frustration was amply soothed by camel-riding, sailing and an abundance of passion fruit margaritas.

I always feel like I have ample draft ideas stored away for November, and then when I look for them they are either non-existent or not nearly as clever as I imagined when I jotted them down. So on days when I'm feeling uninspired, if Eve doesn't say something witty and bloggable and nothing cool happens I'm stuck casting around for material.

Oh! I do remember something funny Eve said, but it was a while ago - the first week of school, actually, when her schedule was still buggered and we were waiting to find out if she was going to have to biology, chemistry, physics and math all in one semester. I had bought a pack of purse tissues (wow, sometimes you say something and then realize how much it brings home how really not-young you are) with inspirational sayings on them (wow, sometimes you say something and then realize how much it brings home how really not-cool you are). One of them was "Seize the Day" and she hugged "HOW did they not make it "Sneeze the day", I swear, EVERYONE is letting me down today!"

We're having a low-key Friday night. I feel mostly fine but I react badly to sedation to I think I'm stil feeling slightly off-kilter from Tuesday. Eve has been sick all week and went back to school today. Her bus driver was an asshole on the way home and refused to stop at a bunch of scheduled stops and then when the doors closed automatically after some of a group had gotten off, wouldn't open them again so the rest of the kids could get off. She was fine, she's sixteen and knows her way around and has a cell phone, but it was petty and unsafe and she was understandably upset. The drama teacher had said she might post the cast list for the play tonight but didn't, and Eve is pretty sure she's not getting a part and wanted to be upset over the week-end instead of on Monday when, as she said, she'll feel like an asshole for being upset about not being in the play when it's Remembrance Day.

So I listened to her venting and then we got Five Guys and watched Veronica Mars. Matt got home from Lisbon and I was briefly glad, and then he got some fries and put ketchup and vinegar on them and started eating without turning the tv on and the sound of him chewing made me want to commit murder, so I asked him as politely as possible to turn the tv on, because murder is wrong and my irritation was probably misplaced.

Now I am going to walk on the treadmill very slowly for the third time this week, which is nothing momentous except it's the first time I have managed three times in a week in a very long time, and it's November, and eight blog posts and three treadmill walks is not nothing in any month but in November - I take it back, it actually does seem kind of momentous.


Nicole said…
I love the new blog look! Love it! IT IS FANTASTIC MY FRIEND. Also fantastic, that you are blogging every damn day and three treadmills in a week! Cause for much pride, big accomplishment!
StephLove said…
I did notice you were blogging every day. Here's hoping Eve gets the part after all.

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