Now I Have to Sleep for the Rest of the Week-end

I hate going out on Friday nights. Friday nights are for jammies and fuzzy socks and reading in my reading chair. I hate crowds. Going to a crowded place on a Friday night is kind of my idea of Hell manifested on Earth. Buuuut, I love my daughter, and her crazy Greek friend and her friend's crazy Greek mother and the other crazy friends, and we haven't had a madcap adventure together for a few weeks, so I agreed to go downtown to the Lansdowne Tree Lighting tonight which, if I haven't been clear enough about it yet, is Friday. It helped that the the crazy Greek lady volunteered to drive my van (which is required to transport our many children and children-adjacent people).

It was pretty much a magical freaking wonderland.

It was also really freaking cold. Don't tell Eve, who is still trying to thaw out her toes, but I kind of felt like it was perfect that way - it wouldn't have felt as quintessentially wintery and wonder-ish if it was warmer.

There was a Christmas market inside the Aberdeen Pavilion, which was a good place to warm up while pretending to admire people's Brussels sprouts - just kidding, it was cool. We bought some essential oils and a bag of meringues. We petted a lot of really cool dogs. Eve's friend Davis sang the intro to All I Want for Christmas for some dude with a video camera. We brought the hot chocolate stand to a virtual standstill with our voluminous order. Typing the word "voluminous" just reminded me that I also inadvertently taught Eve and her friends that the word is 'voluptuous', not 'volumptuous', which I thought they had been saying as a joke. You might think they would be grateful to me for the edification, but they were not - the general consensus is that the word SHOULD be volumptuous and English is a stupid language - enh, hard to argue with that.

So I hate going out on Friday nights, and crowds, but I love twinkly lights at night and hanging out with these dorks. I did not love standing in a twenty-minute line for bubble tea, but you know what, I'm pushing fifty and it was a new experience, so I went with it. 

Now I have driven all the children home and I am so tired I can hardly see. Eve said she might go to bed without showering, which, if you know her, is just crazy talk. I will tell you about the gingerbread houses later. 


Allison said…
I am the same about not wanting to go out (in general) and holy yes it was cold last night but sounds like a lovely time!
I am glad to hear other 16-ish year olds who say words incorrectly and then when corrected claim it should be that way and English is stupid. My son claims "satisfication" should be a word. He refuses to admit it is satisfaction.
Ernie said…
I prefer to go out on Friday night because it makes the weekend feel so much longer. Our exciting adventures on Fridays usually include basketball games, so nothing crazy. I would not EVER want to go outside to do something on a Friday night in the cold. Ever. Even for twinkly lights and hot chocolate. When Lad graduated hs, I was so happy that I no longer needed to go to Friday night football games in the cold. Then Tank joined band. Shit. I secretly rejoiced when he opted to drop it his sophomore year. Coach gets tired after talking to patients all week and working crazy long hours, so he prefers to stay in ALWAYS. I need to move somewhere warmer and convince my hubby to be more social.

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