Last Day

It's the last day of my self-styled NaBloPoMo and I have no triumphant final thoughts - I almost just went to bed without posting, and it's already after midnight. I finally slept a good chunk last night, so that was good, and had a lazy day with Eve and then went to see Frozen II with Eve's friend and her mom (a badass bitch who sobbed her heart out). Matt drove Angus back to Elmira a day early because there's supposed to be bad weather tomorrow, instead of going to get a Christmas tree with him, so that sucked a little, but he'll be home for Christmas in a couple of weeks.

Thanks, as always to everyone who commented - happily surprised to see some new names, happily happy to see the old(er) ones. It's nice that some people have said "could you maybe SLOW THE FUCK DOWN with the blog posts, I can't keep up" instead of "geez, it's been a while, have you forgotten how to write or are you just choosing not to?" (I had the most overwhelming sense of déja vu typing this, I suddenly felt like maybe I had said in my first post of the month that that was I was actually trying to get people to say. I just checked and I didn't, but that would have been either cool or further confirmation that I am losing my marbles).

That book that was taking me so long to finish? Turns out it was a good thing, because when I finally had a chunk of time to read more than a few pages, I realized that it was stupid and badly written. At this rate I'm not going to break a hundred books read this year, though, so I should probably try to step it up a bit, in between baking and shopping and wrapping. Or I won't, because I am not at all obsessive or compulsive about this kind of thing and it will not bother me in the least if I end up at 97 or 98. Gulp.

I promise I will still show you the gingerbread houses. Right now I am going to carry my snoring dog up to bed. Happy December.


You did it! I am impressed.
StephLove said…
We took Noah up to Ithaca a day early, too, for the same reason. He was originally going to take a bus but the bus company sent us a message saying it was "probably" going to cancel, which made it hard to decide what to do, but we decided it was best to get him up there before the snow came. We might crossed paths with Matt & Angus at some point.
Ernie said…
I think I must have missed the post when you explained that you were on a mission to blog every day. Wow. Impressive! I was considering you to slow the Hell down, but now I don't have to. You make me laugh on the regular, so I enjoy my visits here. Get some sleep. I am fresh from my Irish dancing weekend, and might crash early tonight. Might need to wait to go to bed because I went to have my allergy shots and I reacted majorly. I am wheezing and I am covered in welts. Bad sign? Hmm.
Busy Bee Suz said…
And here I fight with myself to get two posts out a week. Bravo to you! I tried it about a hundred years ago and I believe I was bored with myself. Go figure.
I enjoy the way you speak, write, talk....well, you know what I mean.
Bibliomama said…
Thank-you! I was pretty bored with myself by the last day too, but I am really bad at posting in moderation - it's either all or nothing.

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