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I realized last night that I might be in a bit of a manic phase, but the really annoying kind where I'm actually very tired but I still have trouble resting. After noticing with pleased surprised that my feet were doing quite well despite working and walking on the treadmill more often, I spent all afternoon Sunday in the basement on the cold hard floor cleaning and organizing (do you want to see the picture of my gleaming steel shelves with their gorgeously arrayed cans of soup and coconut milk and black beans? I WILL SHOW YOU AGAIN) and yesterday my feet and back were extremely cranky. So I came home after work and put them up like a sensible person, right? HA ha, no, I am dumb. I made dinner and made chicken stock and cooked a bunch of bacon for a recipe. I went upstairs to watch tv before bed and decided to go through the t-shirts in the closet ("decided" is actually my body getting jacked by my stupid brain, so my forebrain is thinking 'sit down, you idiot' and yet I am limping towards the closet like a deranged Kondo-bot).

Right now I'm sitting at the computer but I can't stop looking up at the kitchen counter, which has way too much crap on it. I'm having a weird day. I left the Rav at the garage to get winter tires put on, got dropped at home and my cleaning lady showed up early - it was fine that she showed up early and since I'd been to the garage already I was fully dressed instead of taken by surprise in my pajamas - like, bra and everything. So that was good. Then she opened the oven door all the way to clean inside and it wouldn't close again. Less good. I looked at some Youtube videos and contemplated breaking out the WD-40, and then I decided to let my husband deal with it, but I do feel a bit like a traitor to my gender.

THEN I put a bottle of ketchup in the drawer of my refrigerator door with a bit too much alacrity and the little tab on one side that holds it on the door broke. It's not a huge deal, but it sits a tiny bit crooked now which detracts from the perfection of my fridge (we've replaced our fridge and dishwasher since moving in and I have a bit of an unhealthy attachment to both - double doors! deeper door shelves! bottom freezer! top cutlery rack! I am easy to please, people, I have never denied it). I also felt like I was now leaving a trail of problems for my husband to deal with later, so I went online to try to figure out how to replace the shelf. Eventually I realized that googling "GE Profile refrigerator door shelf" wasn't enough, found the refrigerator serial number and tracked down the correct part. Victory!

The part costs 96.21. Maybe I can just live with the imperfection. At least my broken house is clean.


Allison said…
I hear you. I just paid $40 for a new knob for the burner on my stove because one was broken. I never use all 4 burners anyway and didn't really need it but it bugged me.
Love "Kondo-bot". Lol I turn into one after watching an episode of Hoarders.
StephLove said…
Three of the four burners on our stove don't light unless you hold a flame to them while the gas is coming out. We had someone come look at them once and after he told us how much it would cost to fix, he commented philosophically, "You could buy a lot of matches for that." We never got them fixed.
Julie Leclair said…
We had to replace one of the shelves in our fridge 2 times! The price is so ridiculous. If I break it again, it will probably be cheaper to get a new fridge. Gah!

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