Day 24

I am just back from a typically fabulous week-end at Zarah's, and Angus is home for a week for American Thanksgiving, so I am very tired and very happy. The GPS suggested I go the northern route instead of the highway route, and it's a little lonely at times and a little short on regular bathroom breaks, but also very beautiful and less boring. I like to keep myself alert by blasting music and singing at the top of my lungs, and there's a certain fierce, unique joy that arises from belting out an Indigo Girls ballad while speeding through a quintessentially northern Ontario landscape that you really can't get while chugging down the 401 and stopping every hour at an identical On Route station.

We do Christmas shopping and downtown wandering and hanging out and running into a bunch of people that Zarah knows and usually something kind of weird happens. This time it was a pair of men who were having lunch in the coffee shop where we did and then we all ended up at the same fish market place that was not that close by and they asked if we were following them. Before we left I told them we'd see them at Indigo.

We go to the fancy bra place where I buy my annual expensive bra (yes, I did pull out all the stops and buy two this year) - people ask why I go to Barrie to buy bras and I don't really know, except Zarah knows a woman, and I'm already used to taking my shirt off for her and she consistently pokes me a little, mutters that I wear my clothes too big and then offers eight fabulous choices in bosom hoisters, so why mess with success? This year I found out that she has a bitter rivalry with another woman who she used to be in business with and who now runs a rival bra shop, and I might have to write a story about it or something.

I'm afraid to say it - I shouldn't say it - I'm going to say it, let's just all pretend that I haven't. *whisper* This November hasn't been too bad. I have a haircut booked for later this week, though, so there's still time for things to go horribly wrong.


StephLove said…
I'm pretty sure I've never heard the phrase "rival bra shop" before.
Ernie said…
I realized when Curly was around 6 that I had not purchased a new bra since the ones I bought when I finished nursing her. Mini was with me and she was probably about 10. She was traumatized by the fact that the saleswoman saw me in my bra when she measured me.

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