Colours. Oranges. Last Christmas. Insomnia. Gay Mermen.

Wow, talk of paint colours really brings the commenters to the yard! I saw Nicole's living room again in her festive post and I think her terra cotta works a little better than mine because it's a little more muted and it goes with that brick part, whereas mine goes into the entrance which I meant to be painted a sort of soft sage but it ended up East Nepean green, which was appropriate to Angus's early baseball career but a little too IN YOUR FACE GREEN for a wall. 

I put two of the oranges in my lunch today. One was passable and one was excellent. I feel like I have dodged the First Box Curse reasonably adeptly this year.

It is a rainy, crappy day. It never really got light, and leaving school after my shift I felt like I was in a horror movie where some kind of apocalypse was about to take place - the wind tunnel effect in the entrance sent a menacing skirl of leaves spiralling up as I walked to my car. Nothing apocalyptic actually happened, although the wind did turn my Jack Skellington umbrella inside out as I walked back to the car after grocery shopping. 

I saw Last Christmas with a friend tonight and it was cheesy good fun - best performer credits go out to Emma Thompson, Michelle Yeo and Emilia Clarke's majestic eyebrows

My neck still hurts.

I woke up at three a.m. last night and didn't get back to sleep for hours. At first I thought it was four a.m., which was bad enough, and then I realized I still haven't changed the clock from the time change (I have a thing where most of the clocks in my life are usually wrong) and well, I guess that's what I get for observing that this November has not been the Novemberest November that ever Novembered. I also have to do some "information picketing" job action stuff which kind of makes me want to die, but I will do it, because fuck Doug Ford. 

In closing, I leave you with these gay merman ornaments that my friend Jody told me about, including my immediate personal favourite, Apizza That Merman, because they are fabulous and make me think of better months. 


StephLove said…
I love that you have a Jack Skellington umbrella.

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