Our cleaner is upstairs vacuuming. Eve is working on a history summative on the couch, and Lucy is lying on the back of the couch growling because of the cleaner. I just shushed her and she gave me this look that says "SORRY for caring about your SAFETY".

A couple of weeks ago I helped with the book fair at my Wednesday school - this would be my twelfth or fourteenth or somewhere around there. At one point there was a lineup of students waiting to pay and as I was getting out a poster for one I said in conversation with the V.P. "do you know how many times I've said 'the posters are five dollars each' in my book fair career?" A little girl in the line said very seriously "HOW MANY?"

I walked around Dow's Lake looking at tulips with a couple of friends on Friday, then walked around the mall for three hours with Eve on Sunday and walked Lucy when we got home and could still walk on Monday, so I think I'm pretty close to back to normal. This doesn't mean my feet are pain free, but I can walk without limping or being in agony, which is a win at this point. One of those frustrating wins that is just getting back to baseline rather than making any advances. Well, that's not true, it's an advance that came after a regression. Now I'm confused, but overall I'm counting it as a win.

My keyboard is disgusting but I'm resisting the urge to clean it without turning off my computer, because I did that once and accidentally changed the keyboard to Swahili or possibly some alien language, and had to hook up a whole other keyboard for a while until it went back to normal. But once I turn my computer off it takes forever to start up again, and my keyboard is really disgusting. Okay hold on, folks, we're doing this.

Hello? Okay. Whew.

Last Friday we were planning to leave for Toronto in the afternoon. Matt came home at lunch and picked up Eve from school on the way. I came down when I was almost ready and he asked what time I wanted to leave. I said "I don't know, whenever we're ready". He said "one-thirty?" I said "whatever, we're driving, it doesn't have to be on the hour or the half hour. Have you even packed?" He said "Well I can go pack in ten minutes." I said "so go pack! What the hell, can you not get ready without a deadline?" and then it dawned on us "oh my god, you can't get ready without a deadline, can you?" When you spend your life on an itinerary that includes frequent air travel, apparently "when we're ready" doesn't really cut it.

I discovered a really good bagged chopped salad with sesame dressing (I have come to the end of the fantasy that I am going to buy greens and ingredients and make my own salads). I ate it for dinner, and I packed it for lunch, and I thought it was going to change my life. I was going to eat it every day, with protein, and lose a million pounds, and feel amazing, and the salad people would hire me to make a commercial and sell their amazing salad.

None of that happened. I bought it two more times. The first time was great. The second time I suddenly found even the thought of it completely revolting.

Cleaning lady is gone. Lucy is looking very smug because she thinks she made her leave. 


Swistle said…
Ernie said…
Love the salad issue. I have been in that boat before. 'Ah this is what I need to do. Just eat this.' Then, borderline gagging.

By the way, I cannot be ready to leave on a deadline or without a deadline. Perpetually late. If I drive (say to an Irish dancing competition) and Coach is at work, I take forever to load the car and always underestimate how long it is going to take me to be ready to go. It is always the packing of the food that I have the hardest time with. Always, ALWAYS takes longer to pack up food in a cooler, than I think it will. And I rarely go anywhere without packing my food.

Love the pet's satisfaction that she is the reason that the cleaning lady left.
I don't miss the book fair really but sometimes I do. The posters are five dollars. That is an eraser. Don't eat it.

I bought a salad at Costco that I thought would be amazing, I don't usually buy the bagged ones but it was this southwestern thing and it was vegan and it had some kind of vegan protein in it, so I was thrilled with something that would make my life easier. And my god. It was gross. I made it just for me and R one night when the boys were gone and he was trying so hard to eat it because I had spent a while being excited about this new salad. It was...ew. And I'm not usually a person who yucks a salad, especially southwestern - how yummy! Argh.
StephLove said…
I'm glad your foot is better.

We have different leaving the house for a trip styles, too. Beth's family is extremely punctual to the point where they kind of think if they're on time, they're late. My family runs late, always, like occasionally missing a plane late. Beth and I know when we met because Beth was a sophomore checking in first-year students into her dorm and she had to wait around at the table for this one family that was really late... yeah, that was me and my folks. We only figured out that's when we met years later. So I have to say she knew what she was getting into when she married me, and of course, the kids take more after me than her in this regard. But it has caused many tense and unhappy beginnings to vacation. I guess she thought she could reform me.

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