Day 5

We're going to Mexico on a reward trip for my husband for being in a "Circle of Excellence" at work (will I mock him for something that nets me a free trip somewhere warm in November? Yes, yes I will. I'm not proud of it, but there it is). There's a website with numerous pictures of the beautiful resort, a detailed itinerary of all the fun things we get to do, and pictures of all the trip winners and their spouses.

So naturally I'm spending all my time obsessively poring over the pictures of the wives, who are all better-looking than me.



StephLove said…
It's actually a good question. I think a lot of people can't stop themselves from constantly comparing themselves to others. I tend to do it with my friends from my academic days, the ones who managed to find jobs in academia. I wonder over and over again if they were more strategic/lucky in their job searches or if they're just smarter. And I left academia 13 years ago. I think about it less than I used to but not never.

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