Words and Food and Going Away

Since I started my last post talking about Lynn, why break the streak? I deleted Twitter from my phone on the strong urging of my sweet and wise friend Hannah - she detected that it was both making me angry all the time and giving me another excuse to sit brooding instead of getting off my ass and doing something constructive. It was good - when I felt the need to check Twitter I would remember it wasn`t there, and I would literally force myself to stare into space until I got bored enough to get up and do something. Then Lynn mentioned this game that she saw someone playing on their phone on the bus that involves words and trivia and.... DAMN YOU LYNN.

So I just linked to Lynn`s blog, which naturally led me to read her latest post before coming back here because I am a champion procrastinator, and she mentioned that she made a meal and her family ate all of it. This is a huge deal because she has myriad food allergies and underweight children to deal with, so the exciting thing it reminded me of is much less exciting comparably, but whatever. I don`t have a huge problem feeding my kids - Eve has a texture issue and a lot of things she can`t eat without barfing, and she doesn`t like pork or beef, but she eats many vegetables (some I don`t even like) and you can do a lot with chicken or fish, so it`s cool. But she doesn`t like a lot of casserole type things where everything`s all mixed together, so when I make something in the crock pot I generally do something else for her. Not a big deal. BUT, the other day I made a quiche with spinach and red peppers in it and DUDE - EVERYONE ATE IT. A one-dish meal. With vegetables. Every. Single. Person.

This, of course, reminds me that it would have been good if I`d made this discovery a year ago or more, because there are only three months before all of us don`t live here anymore. Which is a strange feeling. I keep saying that it was always pretty much a given that my sister and I were going to go away for university. Both my parents went far far away from home when they started their schooling. It was a family tradition. I assumed my kids would go away. Then when he was sixteen and only a couple of years from probably going away, I realized how much it sucked.

But I`m okay so far. He was talking to some people from my book club last week and he said he feels ready to be away from home. So that`s good. Of course there are times when I still miss my little boy who ran around in superhero costumes and sat on the stairs fully suited up for three hours before every baseball game and could talk about the dynamics of Pokemon for forty minutes straight (okay, I don`t miss that part so much). But I had that. Now it`s time for this. I`m excited for him. I think.

Okay. None of that was what I meant to blog about today. Maybe that means I`ll blog again tomorrow. ha ha ha ha ha ha.


StephLove said…
I have a folder called "Everyone Ate It." Not surprisingly, it contains recipes that everyone ate. The fact that I need such a folder BUT it has more than two or three recipes in it should tell you about where we stand in terms of food limitations and general pickiness. I have friends far away from me on either end of the spectrum.

I've been kind of incredulous and prematurely sad about Noah leaving in a little over a year recently. College tours this spring really drove in that point. But you're right, it's what comes next and that's a good thing.
Sasha said…
Pretty sure we're never going to have an 'everyone ate it' meal unless it's pizza. Actually, not even then, since we always get a kid pizza & a grownup pizza.

Well, unless I start eating Kraft Dinner. But I'm not that desperate.
Lynn said…
OMG, Steph has a whole folder of Everyone Ate It? I have a new life goal!

I am sorry/not sorry to hear you are losing your life to Cody Cross. I am OBSESSED. But I hope it is a passing thing. I used to have similar obsessions with other word puzzle games that will remain nameless for fear of sucking away even more of your life, but they passed. But I must admit I have been working on learning to walk and Cody Cross at the same time, which does not seem healthy.
Shan said…
Mike made me unfollow some friends on facebook for that exact same reason. It was making me pretty stabby. So much better! Also I just made a dish Sunday that everyone ate. It was like a chorus of angels. Really we are living parallel lives. Why do you live so far away? Going to download time suck on a game and won't even regret it.
Tudor said…
I just fool myself that I have meals that everyone eats by making things like Fajitas, where one person literally has a tortilla with shredded cheese in it, and I say, "Everyone ate it!"
Nicole said…
Twitter sucks now unless you have very carefully curated lists of people and you only look at those lists and even THEN IT CAN SUCK. Ugh.

I still make lunches for the kids and probably will continue to do so until they move out of the house. I don't mind. They eat what I put in there and it doesn't take long. FOOD IS MY LOVE LANGUAGE WHAT

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